The Super Boring Relationship Between Grace & Noah Continues on W&G

Am I the only person who is finding the relationship between Grace (Debra Messing) and Noah (David Schwimmer) unbelievably boring and uninspired?


The character of Noah was introduced at the top of this season as someone who was sort of a pain in Grace’s side but has emerged as a major love interest for her… the first since ex-husband Leo (Harry Connick Jr.) I don’t know if its how the show is being structured now compared to how it used to be, or the writing, or something… but the chemistry between these two pales in comparison to the heat and fire that she and Leo used to have during the original run of the series.

The latest Will & Grace episode dives deep into their relationship yet again after Noah told Grace that he loved her. This came with an issue however, as she discovered he has a daughter that he’s not ready to introduce her to just yet.

Cue the sitcom hijinks of her accidentally meeting his daughter (named Katie), where Grace shows up to his place wanting to talk things out but she answers the door thinking the titular character is her math tutor. Grace goes along with it although she doesn’t have much of a clue about the world of math until Noah comes home and she locks herself in the closet as a way to hide.

Noah finds her in the closet, where they then get into an argument over if this relationship can last which he is way more pessimistic about it while she’s the optimist. He brings up how they both have been divorced in the past in relation to this really going the distance, which shocks Grace. She ends up leaving him before the episode ends and orders both take out and pizza to wallow in her sorrow. Then he shows up, changes his mind, they kiss and then go out (what about the delivery though?)


I’m still not understanding these two. I think the fault in this lies in Noah’s character and David’s portrayal. It’s very much something out of He’s Just Not That into You, where he doesn’t seem to really want to put the effort in, meanwhile Grace is all over the place with her emotions regarding their relationship (nothing new). There is still this part of me that is PRAYING Leo comes back and they get back together, because I don’t see much transpiring between Grace and Noah if they continue to do this back and forth with one another. It’s getting monotonous.

The other storylines brought a favorite character back, Will’s mother Marilyn Truman (Blythe Danner), who tells her son that one of his brothers died. The emotions quickly shift when the “brother” in this situation turns out to be her dog. Not much really going on here besides Karen (Megan Mullaly) eventually getting a dog of her own after a conversation with Marilyn (I love those two together).

And finally, Jack (Sean Hayes) tries to get out of work early for his show Gaybraham Twinkin, much to his bosses’ chagrin.  This leads to a conversation over who is oppressed the most in society today, where the only funny moment occurs when no one can figure out the voice that is coming from the old lady in the background.

This was another meh episode. Something I’m noticing though is Karen’s character developing a lot more this season. Usually she’s just there for the alcohol and drug related jokes, but I feel like they are trying to give her a lot in the wake of her divorce with Stan and the death of Rosario (Shelly Morrison). As for the gay characters, its status quo as usual as Jack is still trying in the acting world and Will is simply there to be supportive of his friends.

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  1. The entire “Grace” character

    The entire "Grace" character is dull as dishwater. That is, when she's not completely irritating. The show would be better off if they kept her to a minimum. 


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