The Sweetest Honey: Honey Davenport Talks About Drag Race Elimination, New Musical Project, & How Drag Can Be A Political Statement 

The Davenport family are a drag legacy. From the beloved and dearly departed Sahara to the performing powerhouse Kennedy, these ladies define professionalism and what it truly means to be a star, on and off the screen. The latest Davenport to hit the RuPaul’s Drag Race workroom is New York City’s own Honey Davenport, and while she was eliminated on the most recent episode, something tells us that the best is yet to come for this Philadelphia-raised doll.
I caught up with Honey Davenport about her very emotional elimination, her upcoming music release, and how she is merging stunning drag with important political statements.

Michael Cook: As you look back at your Drag Race experience, how do you look back on the experience overall?

Honey Davenport: It was an absolutely amazing experience and I am so honored to have been chosen and gotten to take the ride. That being said, I am a social justice warrior and I did not get to feature that at all on the show. I was still afraid that I would mention my platform and how I use it, that I might sound too political. I held myself back and I don’t know what I was waiting for! If there is anything that I had the opportunity to go back and do, it would be to share the message that I try to convey with my drag more. It’s not just creative and funny, it’s actually a means for me to create the world that I would like to see one day. Since coming back,  I realize all of the opportunities that the show has given me to do such. Watching it back I thought it would be the hardest thing I’ve ever seen, but I was truly proud of what I was able to accomplish at that point in my life.
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Both the pedigree and the notoriety of this season’s cast was a game changer, with names like Nina West, which is a huge name in the drag world. Was that intimidating? 
It definitely felt like an honor. The first thing I thought was that I was on the season with legends like Nina West and Brook Lynn Hytes, and I was excited for that. I also thought that the fact that I was there with these girls let me know that I was of that level and caliber as well. I was not threatened at all by that, and I thought “okay, I am supposed to be here”. I know that I have a very distinct point of view and I definitely wanted to show that. 
Who from your hometown of New York City would go in and kill the competition for Season 12? 
So here’s the thing, I have a residency in Key West, I am a New York City girl, Asbury Park, N.J. will always be a home for me, so I have a couple girls actually. I am from Philadelphia, so definitely Sapphira Cristal. I live in New York, so definitely Viva Vidalia, she would turn the world out! I am dying to see Jolina Jasmine on the show, I almost expected to see her when I walked into the workroom! Logan Hardcore from Fire Island would be amazing too. Everyone at some point in their career to have this opportunity and I would be thrilled to see any of my sisters on the show. 
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Your elimination was extremely overwhelming to you, and you were extremely emotional. Did you expect to have that kind of a reaction? 
Honestly, no I didn’t. I think everything just came to a head and it all came out of me as I stepped off that runway. I realized that I had not been showing as much of myself as I had wanted to do, and while that was disappointing, I am very proud of some of the sick fashion I presented. At heart, I am a showgirl and I know I had and still have so much to present. Honey, I have won eighteen crowns in my career, I definitely know how to present the looks (laughs)
What many people don’t realize is that the opportunity for Drag Race came to me when I was going through an extremely hard time. I was actually homeless at the time and my husband and I were going through a very challenging time personally. You can’t simply say to RuPaul that you would like to come back for the next season and “it’s just not a good time” (laughs). I thrive in adversity though; I made it happen despite the challenges going on in my life. 
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Your single “The Hive” is unique and it’s definitely patented “Honey”! Can we expect a full album?
Oh absolutely. Music has always been a passion of mine and this platform is letting me do it on a much larger scale. I’ve been working with Chew Fu, who has been absolutely amazing and I am loving what we are creating. 
My visual EP is called Raw and Unfiltered and I’m releasing in pieces over the rest of the season, showing the runway looks I would’ve worn with songs I’ve written that were inspired by them. I also have my new YouTube show called Da F—k? It’s a show where we talk about headlines and crazy topics. That t comes out every other Friday as a YouTube series and the full-length comes out as a podcast. We have a single with Kareem McJagger, Nedra Belle and Jayse Vegas that I can’t wait for everyone to hear!  
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What inspires you to as a performer and as a person?
The crowds inspire me. When I look around and see all of the people that are being so supportive of me, I know that I want to give them the best show or the best music every time I present something to them. I am inspired by the truly amazing opportunities that have come to me and am so excited at what the post Drag Race has to offer me. 
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