The Ten Hottest Guys at The 2018 Winter Olympics

The 2018 winter Olympics are upon us, and with the extreme conditions comes some extremely hot guys. I'm not into sports, but a hot guy in skintight pants will make any gay tune in religiously!

Take a look below at our pick for the ten hottest guys at this years event!

10. Steve Langton – Bobsled

Can we just for a second take in those rippling abs?!

9. Carlo Valdes – Bobsled

A majestic beard and a hairy chest. Carlo wins gold for us!

8. Joey Mantia – Speed Skating

Speed skating does a body good, girl

7. Shani Davis – Speed Skating

He knows what he's doing with that butt.

6. Adam Rippon – Figure Skating

Those arms, that smile, those DRAG RACE QUOTES!

5. Erik Bjornsen – Cross Country Skiing


Can we just at this point agree that the winter Olympics are a Godsend?

4. John Daly – Skeleton

And what a fine skeleton those muscles are bulging from.

3. Jason Terdiman – Luge

We are all a sucker for a pretty boy, none are as rugged as Jason here though!

2. Gus Kenworthy – Freestyle Skiing


1. Christ Mazdzer – Luge

You're all invited to our wedding.

So there we are, our pick for the ten hottest guys to melt the ice at this years Winter Olympics! Did we miss anybody? Now excuse me while I ogle this article page for the next five hours.

What do you think?