The Thirst Is Real For President Biden’s Hot Secret Service Agent

Known to constantly stop and speak to well-wishers during his days spent in Rehoboth Beach, President Biden continued to engage with people that stopped to say hello during a recent trip to Nantucket, MA. While Biden’s presence in any town would draw a crowd, it was one of his swoon- worthy Secret Service agents who garnered a great deal of the attention on social media. 


A TikTok user by the name of @life_with_matt posted a video of Biden’s Secret Service agent with the caption saying “Forget about the PRESIDENT-The SECRET SERVICE be looking fine” (President Biden & First Lady Jill Biden were in the Massachusetts haven celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday). Another TikTok user by the name of @magsmur simply commented “When I wasn’t the only one lookin at the secret service man”.


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While the identity of the agent remains unknown, this has not stopped some of social media’s more feverish fans to showcase their admiration for the latest internet sensation. Comments like “he is defending the nation with hotness.” and “he is giving me Tom Cruise in Top Gun vibes”. Expect comments like these to continue following this newly minted heartthrob/Secret Service agent as closely as he follows the First Family. 

For the full CNN feature, click here.  


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