The Tiger King Wants A Presidential Pardon

Image via YouTube | Tiger King Joe Exotic’s Husband Says He Is Hoping for a Presidential Pardon | Good Morning Britain

Joe Exotic’s Legal Team Is Actually Heading To The White House To Deliver A Pardon Request

Remember back in March when the world was united in enjoying the zaniness of Joe Exotic’s life in Netflix’s Tiger King documentary? Those days are long gone in the current political climate, but Exotic is still holding onto his media fame. While Exotic’s rival, Carole Baskin, is soaring with sales on Cameo and the rest of the cronies are staying a little bit under the radar, Exotic is begging for a lifeline from Cardi B and Kim Kardashian. His first attempt to escape prison early was his Coronavirus diagnosis, but that didn’t work out. Now, Exotic is reaching out to another source to expel him from jail… he wants Donald Trump to give him a Presidential pardon.


According to Fox News, Exotic’s young husband, Dillon Passage, is determined to get his man out of jail and is asking the President for help. The twenty-three-year-old spoke to the team at Good Morning Britain telling the news anchors that Exotic’s new legal team is driving to Washington DC to deliver the pardon request in person. Passage makes allegations that Exotic was taken advantage of by untrustworthy people and the judge who sentenced him threw out a lot of evidence that was in his favor. Apparently, Passage believes Exotic was set up by people who wanted his tiger business and the truth will eventually be uncovered. Shockingly, Tiger King is getting a second season and will follow the faces we’re familiar with. Perhaps we’ll unite again and remember when this was a laughable, lovable past time.

At the end of the day this clearly is nonsense. Exotic is jailed for animal abuse and being caught hiring someone to murder Baskin. It’s obvious he’ll have to serve his entire sentence – because those are wild charges that won’t go away and seem likely. Exotic may only get eventual vengeance as there is still an ongoing investigation in the disappearance of Baskin’s ex-husband. If Exotic’s claims that Baskin murdered her ex and fed him to tigers prove to be true, at least they’ll both be in the slammer and can claim a win and a loss. Silver lining, right?

You can check out Passage’s full interview with the English news network below:



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Source: Fox News

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