The Time Ukraine’s President Danced in Heels

Amid the distress and chaos occurring in Ukraine, the world is admiring leader Volodymyr Zelensky, the comedian-turned-politician who has been at the focus of international spotlight due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Photo by usembassykyiv is marked with CC BY-ND 2.0

Zelensky is the 44-year-old president of Ukraine who did not have a traditional path to politics. From voicing the character of Paddington Bear in Ukraine’s version of the film, to winning Ukraine’s version of Dancing with the Stars in 2006, Zelensky has a long resume of projects that show why the Ukrainian people adored him even before he stepped into power.


One of Zelensky’s most iconic moments, however, is of him dancing in stilettos, while wearing leather gear and cropped top, a la Beyoncé’s Single Ladies. The video originally aired on Ukraine’s version of Saturday Night Live, but it has resurfaced in light of Zelensky’s attention.


In the video, Zelensky is joined by three other men in similar attire, fellow actors Yevgeniy Koshevoy, Stepan Kazanin and Alexander Pikalov. Zelensky thrusts, twirls, and even does a headstand in the raunchy get-up.

The video was released in 2014 and titled Cossacks Made in Ukraine, a parody of 2014. The video was a parody of the 2011 video ‘Love’ by the group Kazaky.


The song’s name translates to Made In Ukraine, while the quartet apparently go by – or went by – Kazaky, a word that translates to ‘Cossacks’. 

The Cossacks, from the Turkic word kazak meaning “adventurer” or “free man”, are a group of mostly East Slavic Orthodox Christians who originated in the steppes of Eastern Europe.


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