The Titanic’s Unsung Shirtless Influencer

Who knew Max Emerson was on the Titanic? (screen capture)
Who knew Max Emerson was on the Titanic? (screen capture)

YouTuber Max Emerson offers this entertaining ‘alternate universe’ where we find out the Titanic actually played host to one of our favorite shirtless YouTubers before going down in the Atlantic.

Emerson sets the stage by sharing, “There’s nothing worse than having your flight canceled. Luckily my agents got me a sponsored trip home from England on this big new boat!”

Showing off his cabin for his followers, Emerson shares the ‘unboxing’ of his influencer swag (the Heart of the Ocean diamond, naturally) while taking several shirtless selfies with crew members.

The handsome influencer even recreates the famous ‘naked drawing sequence’ from the film, sans a ‘Rose.’ Although, when you’re as hot as Max, who needs anyone else?

(screen capture)

When the ship hits ‘something,’ (gee, what could it be?) Emerson heads out to investigate for his followers where a crew member hands him a life jacket.

“Man, these influencers perks do not let up,” exclaims Emerson to his phone camera, complete with heart emojis.

“Oh my god,” says Emerson when he finds out the massive ship is sinking. “My viewer count has never been this high! Four million viewers???”

Needless to say, we pretty much know where this is heading, complete with ‘My Heart Will Go On’ instrumentals.

Major props to Emerson for the quality visuals throughout.

Cute, clever, and a fun mid-day brain break. Hit play below.

Happy Friday!

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