The Top Ten Best Girl Group Bops… Ever!

Gays and girl groups have gone hand in hand since as long as we can remember. A group of women standing strong together is one of the most powerful images we can think of today, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to now pit these women against each other and rank our top ten favorite girl group bops!


We’ve steered clear of the original female groups such as the Supremes and the Andrews sisters, because they are on a level above all else, so we wanted to show some love to the groups that don’t get nearly enough of it!

10. Destiny's Child – Lose My Breath




Rounding off our list is the iconic Destiny’s Child banger ‘Lose My Breath’. When Beyoncé begins the song with ‘HIT ME!’, I felt that. Yes, Beyoncé, hit me! Hit me hard! The song snaps, the video snaps, Michelle’s white tracksuit snaps.

Most iconic moment: The bit with the talcum powder in the video.

9. Perfume – Polyrhythm




We at Instinct embrace the strange, and there isn’t a song on this list that gets any stranger than Polyrhythm by Perfume. At first glance, the song seems like a typical J-Pop track, but wait until it gets to the post chorus, and the song switches to a polyrhythmic time signature (THAT’S WHY ITS CALLED POLYRHYTHM! Ugh their minds)

Most iconic moment: The way they pronounce ‘polyrhythm’.

8. The Saturdays – All Fired Up




You wanted a banger? We’ll give you a banger! This Xenomania and MNEK penned anthem showcases why The Saturdays remain the most slept on girl group to ever grace this planet. Fierce lyrics, a catchy chorus and let’s face it, they serve looks in the video.

Most iconic moment: The fact Mollie had to go into the studio and sing “We’re all… we’re all” and that was her done for the day.


7. Atomic Kitten – Whole Again



Occasionally, a song comes along that resonates with an audience no matter who is singing it. ‘Whole Again’ by Atomic Kitten may very well be that song. A simple but effective ballad that sold way more than Atomic Kitten had the right to in 2000, and we thank the Gods every day that it did.


Most iconic moment: The talky bit in the middle that invented the English language.

6. Girls Aloud – Sound of the Underground




A surf guitar played over a UK garage beat? Sign me up. Girls Aloud have always been at the cutting edge of pop music, and their debut single exemplifies that. Sass, attitude, and the video looks like it would give you E-Coli. Iconic, timeless.


5. Little Mix – Move




Current reigning pop queens Little Mix have always slayed, we know this, but nothing has came for our wigs harder or faster than ‘Move’. The first single from their criminally underrate second album was weird pop at its best. Beatboxing, horns, that bit where Perrie goes ‘don’t leave me standing all by mySELF’. This is top tier pop music.

Most iconic moment: the ASMR mouth sounds at the beginning

4. Fifth Harmony – Work From Home




We love the Rugrats, so you can imagine how excited we were to hear it sampled in this song about being unemployed. We jest, of course. This song showcases what a contemporary girl group can sound like. There was nothing like this song before it, and we don’t think there will be anything like it for years to come.

Most iconic moment: That live performance where Ally is hammering a tire.


3. All Saints –  Never Ever



If ‘Move’ by Little Mix was top tier pop music, then ‘Never Ever’ is God tier. Built around the chords of ‘Amazing Grace’, this pop hymn evokes such a feeling of loss whenever you listen to it. It is such a sad song, but so catchy. It works its way into your brain, giving you a sense of melodrama for weeks afterwards.


Most iconic moment: Nicole Appleton’s spoken word intro.

2. Sugababes –  Hole in the Head




Modern Goddesses Sugababes truly outdid themselves with their third album, which was full of wall to wall bangers. The lead single ‘Hole in the Dead’ invented breaking up, attitude and moodiness, in that order. The reversed guitar throughout, the gorgeous harmonies, there’s a reason this reached number 1 in the UK.

Most iconic moment: Mutya’s boobs in the video.

1. Spice Girls –  Spice Up Your Life




Of course, a Spice Girls song had to be number one, and the biggest selling girl group ever deserves number one! The Spice Girls are a testament to how with a good relationship, you can rule the world, and they did, for a short time. This is a song by five ladies at the top of their game. They are all front and center, sharing equal vocals throughout, with a banger of a video showcasing how they are in charge.

Most iconic moment: We moonwalk the foxtrot.

So there you are! Ten full on bops by ten full on iconic groups. Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Girl Group Bops… Ever!”

  1. Supremes anyone?

    Supremes anyone?

    The Pointer Sisters?

    The Shirelles?


    The Bangles?

    There was music before 2000.

  2. No TLC or En Vogue? “Creep”,

    No TLC or En Vogue? "Creep", "No Scrubs", "Don't Let Go", and "My Lovin'" are all-time classic!

  3. Seriously? No The Pussycat

    Seriously? No The Pussycat Dolls at all? They have a catologue full of BOPS!!! & Iconic Videos!!!! 

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