“The Trump Wives Club” Short Will Have You Roaring!

"The Trump Wives Club" Short Will Have You Roaring!

Aurora Sexton & Gang Of Transgender Actresses Trump The First Ladies!

It has been one of the longest years of my life. Yes, a year ago today, it was announced that Donald Trump would be entering the White House as the most powerful man in our wonderful country. Amidst the anger, fear, and depression – some of us have been able to turn around our feelings and simply laugh at the chaotic, current administration.

Making a mockery of the administration has been beneficial for Saturday Night Live and various talk shows like The View and Jimmy Kimmel Live. It’s given some of us left-sided individuals a chance to laugh during times when we feel unheard and unrepresented. One particular group in the LGBTQ community, our Transgender brothers and sisters, have been seemingly dragged through the mud by the current administration with a Military Ban and having society believe their spokesperson is Caitlyn Jenner.

Enter Aurora Sexton. Sexton, you may remember ignited a Drag Race fiasco which had everyone craving red M&Ms. While the drama has since came and gone, Sexton has proven she has a powerful voice and following – enough to draw attention from literally the entire Drag Race community.

Taking a jab at the administration, Sexton’s creativity has led her to parodying Trump’s current wife, Melania Trump, and his two ex-wives, Ivana Trump (Honey West) and Marla Maples (Kelly Lauren). Yes, we have three Transgender women portraying the loves of Trump’s life. The hilarious ladies absolutely nail the mannerisms and cattiness which we have seen from all of the administration’s leading ladies. While Sexton is incomparable in any and all of her achievements, West stands out as a game changer as the crude Ivana and instantly hypnotizes you to finish the short. For a moment, I nearly passed out from laughter when a surprise doppelganger guest appears on screen and a reference to Tiffany Trump being the Avon lady. You MUST check out the short below.

Sexton and West spoke exclusively to Instinct Magazine about the magic behind her all-Transgender, all-original production:

“Since Trump was elected I’ve watched him turn the office of POTUS into a reality show mockery with a cast of wacky characters that some days border on insanity. Trump Wives is a tongue in cheek parody sprinkled with the realities of the women who have held the President’s heart and still have his ear.”

She continues:

“Given Trumps go alone stance on Trans people serving in the military, I’m especially proud that this piece features an all transgender cast. Transgender Americans are capable of serving our country in every capacity whether we are chemical weapons specialists in foreign countries, fighting on the front lines of battle or bringing humor to politics as actors and comedians.”


West, who co-wrote the short with Sexton shares:

“What a crazy, fun, whirlwind of a project. I would love to really flesh out the characters and see where we can take it.”

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s the video we’ve all been waiting! Three more years, everyone – three more years…right?

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