The UK’s First Gay Dad Proposed To His Daughter’s Ex-Boyfriend

Scott Hutchinson and Barrie Drewitt-Barlow / Image via Instagram @donbarrie

Multi-millionaire Barrie Drewitt-Barlow popped the question to boyfriend Scott Hutchinson while the two were in Croatia. The thing is, Hutchinson used to date Barrie’s daughter.

According to Upnewsinfo, Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, who’s net worth is around £40m, got engaged to Scott Hutchinson, but the two also have a surrogate baby on the way. Barrie shared all of this information through Instagram. In a video, we see the proposal taking place on a yacht off the island of Hvar. The boat is decorated with candles and rose petals. Barrie is then heard saying, “What happened here tonight? I wonder what it could be?”


This isn’t Barrie’s first high-profile relationship. In 1999, Barrie and his now-ex-husband Tony Drewitt-Barlow made big news as being the first gay men in Britain to father children through surrogacy. The two won that right in a legal battle, which ultimately decided that both men could be named as parents on their twin’s birth certificates. Barrie then set up the British Surrogacy Centre of America in 2000. Later, Barrie and Tony separated after a 32-year relationship, but they continue to be good friends and reportedly still live together in a £6m mansion.

Truthfully, it seems the Drewitt-Barlow family is full of supportive exs, as a similar situation happened with Barrie’s 20-year-old daughter Saffron. According to the Mirror, Saffron and Scott used to date. The young former couple, however, continues to be on good terms. Saffron was even present for the engagement’s celebration.


Despite the happy occasion, Barrie Drewitt-Barlow took the time to acknowledge how much his life has changed in recent years.

“We are thrilled we are going to become daddies again,” Barrie shared. “Tony is excited too, although it does underline that our marriage really is over after all these years, so it is very bittersweet.”

He added, “But we are all going to remain living under the same roof. Tony is Dad, I’m Daddy and while at the moment Scott is stepdad, soon he’s going to be Daddy Two. We are happy, we want to co-parent our kids and that’s all that matters. If people don’t get it, that’s their problem, not ours.”

Source: Upnewsinfo, The Mirror,

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