The Unflappable AOC Delivers Another Stellar TKO!

Time Magazine Cover Featuring Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Constant GOP target and recent Time Magazine cover subject, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez made headlines this week when she stood up for a Republican rival who was being heckled by a man in the crowd during an MSNBC town hall. It occurred during an exchange between The New York Congresswoman and former Rep. Bob Inglis about Carbon Neutrality. According to the Huffington Post, “Inglis suggested progressives such as Ocasio-Cortez focus solely on climate change now and address other issues like basic income at a later date.”

“Make the changes now, you moron,” shouted one man from the audience. Ocasio-Cortez immediately fired back at the heckler, “Hey, hey, hey, hey that’s unacceptable!”


She then went on to express that such a response shows her direct juxtaposition to Donald Trump, who often stokes confrontation rather than try to resolve it, and she is right. Who can forget, Donald Trump has even called for violence, encouraging supporters at his rallies to “knock the crap” out of hecklers.

As the expression goes, no good deed goes unpunished. Despite AOC having received praise from across the aisle for defending her Republican colleague, many conservatives still found a reason to take to Twitter and disparage her character. That never ends well –for them.

At this stage, I don’t know why people are so hell-bent on coming for Alexandria Cortez on social media. Have they learned nothing of her stellar ability to chop clowns in a single bound who try to harass or intimidate her?

Just a couple of days ago she delivered an epic clapback to Peter Boykin, the self-loathing homosexual founder of “Gays for Trump.” Peter has a history of making incendiary comments that are both transphobic and racist while professing an unwavering allegiance to the Trump administration. It’s perplexing at best.


Much like The Log Cabin Queens, I suspect the members of “Gays for Trump” are also suffering from Stockholm Syndrome – a psychological condition in which an abuse victim begins to sympathize and identify with their own oppressor (Google Patty Hearst).

The Twitter rift between AOC and Peter Boykin began when he shared a pro-capitalist, anti-AOC meme that took one of her quotes about capitalism out of context. “We did not begin as a capitalist country” was her quote, but it was part of a broader context in which she expressed her belief that our forefathers did not establish America to be a rampant free market economy with a growing disparity between the haves and have nots.

Using a bitchy graphic to reply to AOC, Boykin tweeted a meme of our forefathers rolling their eyes at AOC’s comment, as if to suggest, they were more aligned with his notion that America was in fact built purely as a capitalist nation with no empathy for the poorest citizens. For the meme’s caption, he wrote, ”Will somebody get this girl a history book”

Peter Boykin – Instagram


This did not go over well with AOC, and in her signature style of wig snatchery, she replied with a thought-provoking response – one ripped from the depths of American history itself, and Boykin was not ready:

AOC – Instagram

Twitter dragged Boykin after that with most of his detractors challenging his pro-Trump stance as a gay man. Clearly, American History is not the only point of confusion in his life.


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