The View Co-Hosts Explain Their Spat

Image via YouTube | Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain Address Heated Comments | The View

The Latest View Explosion Puts Whoopi Goldberg And Meghan McCain In Separate Corners

If you’re an avid daytime talk show viewer, you’re well aware The View co-host Meghan McCain has arguably been the reason there’s been a handful of shade – or direct shadows – thrown around the hot topics table. McCain, a conservative Republican, tends to get the shorter end of the stick when it comes to the show’s viewership. With a mostly liberal audience, McCain is constantly petitioned to be fired, body shamed, and flamed on social media in general – so much that she has turned off comments on her Instagram after receiving death threats. We’ve seen her get into fiery arguments with outwardly liberal Joy Behar and tiffs with mostly bipartisan Sunny Hostin. View watchers know that matriarch Whoopi Goldberg has never raised her attitude towards McCain. Perhaps due to a nurturing personality or the fact Goldberg has a decades long friendship with John McCain. Yesterday, however, that changed.

While speaking of the impeachment process of Donald Trump, the co-hosts discussed Mitch McConnell stating that he will never vote to impeach the reigning President. Hostin and Behar continued their disbelief in the impeachment process and McCain injected with analyzing the politics of the predicament, not the ethnics. She tried to get her point across but words were meshing together and you couldn’t really hear what anyone was saying. Goldberg inserted herself into the conversation by telling McCain to “Please stop talking” and subsequently said she’d be fine if McCain didn’t speak the rest of the show. Check it out in the clip below:

After the media went haywire with their on air exchange, which to be honest was more mild than the previous Behar versus McCain arguments, the co-hosts decided to address the topic live. Goldberg hit the mark right at the top of the show telling:

“Things get heated on this show. If you watch the show, you know this has happened over the years. Sometimes were not as polite as we could be. But, you’re going to be dealing with the same thing when you sit around the table with your family. This is what we do. This is not an indication that women can’t sit around and talk. This is happening in real time. Everybody, wherever you sit [politically], don’t assume that we have butcher knives under the table. This is our gig. Sometimes it goes off the rails. If you can say that’s never happened to any of y’all, you understand where we are coming from. Calm down.”

In the clip below, McCain went on to say:

“Whoopi and I fight like we’re family. I think it’s a lens into what is happening politically in the country. I don’t love it, but it’s representing what’s going on. I’m hyper conservative and sometimes we’re going to clash heads. We come together and we’re fine. [The way the media blew it up, that wouldn’t have happened if it was men.] There were a lot of commentators talking about the coverage of us and how sexist the language is when fights happen on this show. I’m over it.”

Goldberg goes on to say that another fight is probably going to happen again, as they have conversations others probably don’t want to have. Certainly as we approach Election 2020, there is definitely going to be more raw conversations happening at The View’s hot topics table. But, isn’t that why we tune in anyway?! Anyone can turn on Rachel Maddow for a strict-liberal mindset or Tucker Carlson for an unwavering conservative opinion. The View combines all of these together and has been one of the top-rated daytime talk shows for years. Time will only tell what happens next.

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