The View’s Latest Feud!

The View’s Latest Feud!

One Of The Co-Hosts Threatens To Call It Quits!

Welcome to The View! You should be familiar with the popular daytime talk show created by Barbara Walters where five women of different backgrounds get to sit among themselves and a viewing audience to discuss hot topics of politics, marriage, lifestyle, and so much more. It’s basically social media before there ever was one, you know, with people blabbing their opinion and trying to get their point across on a public platform. We’ve witnessed plenty of heated arguments on The View’s panel, including Rosie O’Donnell squaring off against Elisabeth Hasselback and all of the mess Star Jones brought to our screens. Frequent viewers of the show will know comedian, Joy Behar, and political commentator, Meghan McCain, have been brewing up a storm between one another that may have just touched down.

According to The Daily Mail, Behar is sick and tired of McCain and is threatening to leave the show. Which is a little odd, since after Walters left, The View is pretty much Behar’s show, along with EGOT Whoopi Goldberg. Their alleged feud comes shortly after McCain announced her solidarity with Behar when Kid Rock was filmed harassing the comedian, much to Behar’s chagrin. However, the women’s latest quarrel of the week came during the panel mourning the death of former President George H.W. Bush.  

Behar, per usual, relates the death of Bush to the harrows of reigning President Donald Trump. She talks about climate change, pollution, and how the Trump Administration is trying to allegedly unravel everything Bush and former President Barack Obama did. McCain chimes in, asking if Behar can honor Bush and not circle back to her hatred of the current administration. Check out the clip below:

If you’re a daily View watcher as I am, you know that on the televised version as Goldberg cuts to commercial interrupting their tiff, Behar slams her cue cards on her desk and points her finger at McCain. McCain, hard to back down from anything, does the exact same and the camera pans to the audience members who are seemingly enjoying watching their argument. This is where The Daily Mail’s exclusive behind-the-scenes sources tell what allegedly happened within minutes:

Producers muted Behar's microphone so that her expletives would not be heard on air. Behar threw her hands in the air, yelled 'My God!' and 'Get this b***h under control. If this s**t doesn't stop I'm quitting this damn show. I can't take this much more. I've tolerated a lot of s**t on this show but I'm at my wits' end with this entitled b***h. Enough already! Enough already! I'm not playing nice any longer,' Behar shouted, despite the studio audience being able to hear it all.

‘I don't know why she's so upset. I just wanted her to focus on President Bush and not bring Trump into this for once.' McCain reportedly said while hair and makeup people attempted to groom both of the hosts, producers tried to calm Behar down before returning from the commercial break.

The View is my second favorite daytime talk show behind The Wendy Williams Show, simply because it’s a variety of opinions that slam together. Since McCain has joined The View, ratings have increased and so have opinions, mostly against the late Senator John McCain’s daughter. The only reason I stick with the show is to watch the open-minded view of Goldberg and to listen what McCain has to say. I’m gay and mostly left-minded, but Behar absolutely does relate everything back to her hatred of Trump. Every single day, each conversation, she winds up making a dig at Trump. In recent months, the panel were discussing sex acts with Michael Avenatti, who grossly said he enjoys using handcuffs during intimacy. Behar perks up, claiming she wants to put handcuffs on Trump. Ha-ha, Joy. Listen, it’s not funny anymore and Behar is no longer a reason why I continue to watch, only why I roll my eyes. Still though, both of these ladies are necessary for the show to continue to succeed, but I would continue being an avid viewer with Behar’s seat empty.

Would you continue to watch The View without Joy Behar?

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