‘The White Lotus’ Star Theo James to Play as George Michael in Biopic?

An upcoming biopic about the late George Michael is set to have an £85m budget, and Theo James is reportedly a potential leading man.

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According to insiders, the film is in its final stages of development, and it will depict the English singer-songwriter’s career, from his days as a member of the pop duo Wham!, to his success as a solo artist who had released numerous hit songs.


Moreover, “his drug addiction and scandals including being caught soliciting for sex in a public toilet will reportedly ‘not be glossed over,'” as per Daily Mail

Going back to ‘The White Lotus’ actor, James is reportedly a leading candidate to play the role of Michael, as “he would be perfect for the part.”

“The script is in the final stages and producers are looking for their leading man. Theo’s name is the one on everyone’s lips. He would be perfect for the part. This is George’s story, warts and all,” a source shared.

Meanwhile, the 38-year-old English actor recently said during an appearance in ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’ that he is interested in playing the role of gay icon, Michael.

“Oh yeah, I would love that. He is an icon. He is a bit Greek and I am a bit Greek,” James stated.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

3 thoughts on “‘The White Lotus’ Star Theo James to Play as George Michael in Biopic?”

  1. No. No more straight actors playing these gay artists. George Michael went through so much for being outed as gay. How the police & media treated him for cruising; basically shaming him for being gay. It would be a slap in the face if they hire a straight actor to play him.

  2. Unless he waxes, Theo James has no chest hair and one of the things that made George Michael so attractive was his Greek hairiness. He was a divinely sexy man! No matter how much eyeliner and makeup they use, he’ll probably have to wear a chest wig.


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