The Women Of Sondheim Pay Homage To The Broadway Legend

The death of composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim several days ago at age 91 has shattered the Broadway community and entertainment as a whole. While his contributions to the arts remain immeasurable, a legion of Broadway luminaries have taken to social media to pay homage to Sondheim. Hugh Jackman and Jesse Tyler Ferguson expressed their reverence for Sondheim, while Broadway legends like Chita Rivera and Patti LuPone took to Twitter to speak to what Sondheim meant to them (below). 


Currently, Patti LuPone has taken on the role of Joanne in the Broadway revival of the Sondheim classic Company. Prior to what was supposed to be the splashy opening (delayed due to the pandemic, the show has now opened to rave reviews), LuPone sat down with Sondheim himself. They discussed the premiere of Company and how “acting has informed all of Sondheim’s musicals”. LuPone became emotional near the end of the interview when she simply said “I have to say thank you for me and for all of us”.

In his final interview with The New York Times, Sondheim spoke about the musical he was currently working on (titled Square One) and reflected on the appreciation of the work he has contributed to the world. When asked about the current state of Broadway, Sondheim’s response was typically playful, yet now with a layer of foreshadowing “I don’t take overviews — I never have taken overviews,” he said. “Whither Broadway? I don’t answer the question. Who knows. I don’t really care. That’s the future. Whatever happens will happen.”


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