Theo James As George Michael? Adam Lambert Is Not Impressed

There have been talks about Theo James potentially playing the role of George Michael in a biopic, and people are pleased to here about it, especially after ‘The White Lotus’ actor addressed it in ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.’

When Cohen asked if he would be interested in portraying the late singer-songwriter and gay icon, James responded:

“Oh, yeah! I’d love that.”


The possibility of him playing Michael received positive responses online, but not everyone was pleased to hear about it. Adam Lambert, for instance, was unimpressed with the idea, responding to a report about the rumored casting on Instagram.

“Yay another straight man playing a gay icon,” he wrote, ending his comment with a single eye-roll emoji.


Lambert is referring to the previous portrayals of gay icons by heterosexual actors, including Taron Egerton playing Elton John in ‘Rocketman’ and Rami Malek portraying Freddie Mercury in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’

George Michael fans have expressed their disagreement towards the current Queen frontman’s comment, and ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 15 contestant Marcia Marcia Marcia defended him on Twitter expressing,

“Seeing a lot of negativity toward Adam Lambert in the responses to this post. Queer actors are constantly rejected for their queerness while their cishet counterparts are praised for being ‘brave’ for accepting queer roles. Queer people should get to tell their own stories.”


Thoughts on Theo James potentially portraying George Michael in a biopic? Is it a YAY or NAY?


3 thoughts on “Theo James As George Michael? Adam Lambert Is Not Impressed”

  1. I understand Adam’s point. I’m not sure how to feel since the point of acting is to portray someone who isn’t you. Would that mean gay men couldn’t play straight roles. I guess I’m in the middle somewhere.

  2. I agree with them. LGBTQ roles should be given to queer artists first. There are plenty of talented queer actors that rarely get the chance to act. With studios more willing to tell queer stories but not cast us in them doesn’t make sense. Saying sexuality doesn’t matter when there are real world problems against our community is ignorant. I’m talking about laws, hate crimes, and queer actors still being told to stay in the closet or act straight to get hired or not getting roles b/c they’re LGBT. George Michael outed as being gay had a long effect on his career, image, and to the LGBTQ community.

  3. A complete no, Adam is correct he is gay, has the voice talent to give the G.M. story truth. No another heterosexual man playing a gay role who could not imagine walking in George Michaels shoes.


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