There’s A New ‘Alpha Male’ In Town, Making The Boys Look Hotter Than Ever

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Bring up the proposition of men wearing makeup and images of feminized faces, ladyboys, and drag queens are most likely what will come to mind. However, there is no negative connotation intended by this observation. Thankfully, today’s liberated landscape of sexual identity has allowed such representations to become far more acceptable now than any other time before. 

I suppose we have many trailblazers to thank; from the otherworldly androgyny of Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, and hetero, 80s big hair bands, to the iconic RuPaul who made drag queens mainstream. The times have indeed changed when it comes to societal acceptance of the varying degrees of masculinity in both gay and straight men. That landscape continues to expand beyond traditional boundaries.

Take for example the term “Metrosexual” that caught on nearly two decades ago with the help of the original “Queer Eye” guys. Specifically, it was the groundbreaking show’s impeccable stylist, Carson Kressley, who taught millions of straight men that women love a well-groomed man who is not afraid of a pink shirt, fitted pants, and an array of high-end skincare products.  

Men’s skincare products, in general, used to be an anomaly in the cosmetics industry. There were products for shaving and aftershave soothing, but items to conceal or enhance were all but nonexistent except for a few novelties like “makeup” products for men by Marc Jacobs. For the most part, though, men wanting to have a little “help” to look more handsome from cosmetics had no real options other than to use cosmetics formulated for women. Those cosmetics, though, are created to achieve, “pretty.” So what’s a boy to do if “pretty” is not the objective?


Enter Anttoni Lopez, entrepreneur, and creator of Alpha Male Cosmetics. 

Building upon the massive and rapidly expanding male grooming market, (21 billion dollars in 2016, according to Complex Magazine), Antonni, has emerged with a groundbreaking new cosmetic line for men. Its purpose is not to feminize, but rather to allow men to have a range of options for defining their masculinity. The line offers 25 shades of products including natural skin coverage concealers for blemishes, complexion abnormalities or just to sharpen a man’s features –without giving the appearance of wearing “makeup” at all.

So who is Anttoni? That question is a loaded one as he is a man who wears many hats. He is social media savvy, a former male model, and a current marketing guru.


With a career in the marketing world that spans over a decade, Anttoni shared with me the inspiration for his Alpha Cosmetics line, “The idea was born from years of seeing numerous male friends and colleagues, straight and gay, struggle with their skin. They wanted the ability to cover skin flaws and conceal blemished, in the same way, that women do but just in a way that maintains a look of masculinity.”

Anttoni further explained he noticed how men’s appearance issues affected their self-confidence, which again is no different than the sentiments that fuel women to spend billions annually on cosmetics in their quest to look and feel their best.


There was another big part of the Inspiration, Anttoni explains, “When I was modeling I broke out from wearing makeup not formulated for my skin, so I did research and saw that there was a need for a fully comprehensive men’s cosmetics line. I also love how makeup makes me feel, as it modifies the face.”

After making these notable observations, Anttoni passionately went to work to explore new ideas and formulas in men’s skincare to resolve these issues, even focusing on minimalist packaging and discretion. 

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Personally, I subscribe to the idea that men should not have to compromise their masculinity to wear cosmetics. That said, cosmetic brands need to recognize that millions of men, both straight and gay, are potential new customers. Alpha Male Cosmetics is leading the revolution with an intentional trajectory – products created specifically for men. These are simply not women’s products with the words “for men” slapped on the label.


Anttoni explains that Alpha Male Cosmetics range of products are all water-based and organic, “Our cosmetics leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. The purpose is to enhance your natural male beauty and reveal only the most handsome features you already possess.”

So what do you think? Are you “Alpha Male” enough for this new men’s cosmetics line?

4 thoughts on “There’s A New ‘Alpha Male’ In Town, Making The Boys Look Hotter Than Ever”

  1. I love the idea that men have to no longer wear women’s makeup and now they have their own. Anttoni Lopez figured a way out to get the first full makeup line for men out here. There is nothing wrong with enhancing your sexiness or making yourself glow. To some this is a wonderful thing and to others it may not (so keep it to yourself because we don’t care). Me and plenty others are here for it all and I support this 100%. Can’t knock something down if you haven’t tried it. Go #AlphaMales 😘

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  3. I was in the opera for 25 years and one of things I like most about retiring from it is I don’t have to wear makeup anymore. What a waste of time for every day life.


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