There’s A Super Bowl Ad All About Bubble Butts


We’ll keep it short and simple. There’s a Super Bowl ad all about athletes and their butts. And, we’re here for it.

The soon to be famous ad comes from, believe it or not, Oikos Greek Yogurt. Yes, a yogurt company decided to sell itself this year by making a video full of butts. The actual product being sold by the company is its new Triple Zero protein yogurt.

But, would anyone ever know that if it weren’t for us telling you? Cause let’s be honest, including a 1-second picture of a yogurt cup isn’t exactly great advertising? Or is it? After all, we’re writing about it. Twitter users are talking about it. And you know we’re not the only ones caught in the crosshairs of Oikos’ “bubble butt” ad.

Want to see it all for yourself? Watch the 30-second video below.

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