These 15 Tennis Players Are Serving Up Fast Balls And Striking Looks

Now that the International Tennis Season has kicked off (officially with the start of last months delayed Australian Open), the world has finally been able to enjoy one of its most popular sports. Enticing matches built on passion, drama and immense skills – these all factor into why tennis is one of the most interesting sports to spectate.

But if we’re being completely honest here – the game is also really interesting to watch because quite frankly, there are some incredibly attractive players on the men’s tour.

Sexually deprived housewives and gay men across the globe will certainly agree that the athletes we have named on our list of the sexiest tennis players can not only serve a ball at 120 miles per hour…but their athletic physiques, chiseled jawlines and confident swaggers leave our heart rates pulsing at an aggressive 120 beats per minute!


We’ve provided some eye candy shots of these ball-bouncing men below, but for more love-love lovely pics, head over to their hyperlinked Instagram accounts.

Michael Mmoh (USA) @michaelmmoh


This 23 year old tennis stud turned pro in 2006. Currently ranked outside of the Top 100 players, he recently made headlines at the 2021 Australian Open for his bulging biceps as he wore a sleeveless ensemble to compete in.

Alexander Zverev (Germany) @alexzverev123


Standing 6’ 6” and 175 pounds, the 23 year old Zverev could easily pass for a high fashion model. His slender muscular build, handsome face and piercing eyes has definitely earned him a spot on this list.

Matteo Berrettini (Italy) @mattberrettini


The 24 year old  Italian turned pro in 2015, winning 3 career titles since and has gained fans worldwide. But it’s hard to concentrate on his career accolades when it is so easy to get distracted by his charming looks and jock swagger.

Gregor Dimitrov (Bulgaria) @grigordimitrov


Dimitrov could easily win the hottest guy on a college campus yearbook award or on the ATP Men’s Tour. The 29 year old Bulgarian has an impressive career, earning nearly $20 million dollars in prize money. But with looks like that and a love for surfing, I’m sure he wouldn’t have any problems in the love department no matter his financial status.

Fabio Fognini (Italy) @fabiofogna

No longer in his prime, the effortless sexy Fognini (33) is still active (and still successfully competing) on the tour. And although he is slowly heading into his “Daddy” phase – it certainly isn’t affecting his looks. In fact, it seems to be doing wonders for his overall sex appeal. It must be nice being stunning your entire life.


Felix Auger-Aliassime (Canada) @felixaliassime

One of the youngest (but legal) players to be ranked within the Top 20 players, Auger-Aliassime (19) is not only making a name for himself on the tennis court but high fashion luxury brands Like Tag Heuer have certainly taken notice of his model looks and lean physique. Standing 6’4” – the Canadian is the type that walks into a room and commands it with his striking looks.


Dennis Shapovalov (Canada) @denis.shapovalov

With his signature backward cap and edgy swagger – the 21 year old Canadian is not only entertaining to watch play (sometimes wearing a crop top to compete in) but Shapovalov is also very easy on the eyes.


John Isner (USA) @johnrisner

The American father of two stands 6’10” and wears a size 15 shoe. That’s it – that’s the story. Those stats definitely cements a spot for him on this list.


Andreas Seppi (Italy) @andyseppio

The 37 year old Italian is aging like a fine wine. Seppi turned pro in 2002 and has stated that his favorite surfaces to play on are Clay and Hard courts. But I have a feeling that the majority of us wouldn’t care what surface we were on if we had a chance to go one-on-one with this Italian Stallion.


Dustin Brown (Jamaica/Germany) @dreddy_ja

Considered a “Germaican” (German born with Jamaican heritage), the 36 year old Dustin Brown has an entertaining and whimsical playing style. His brown skin, natural dread locks and towering height at 6’4” makes this quietly confident islander a great contender for our list.


Stefanos TsiTsipas (Greece) @stefanostsitsipas98

He’s charming, he’s sweet, yet he’s fiery on the tennis court. The young promising player from Greece serves us looks and plenty of attitude on the tour. His YouTube channel also has a ton of great shirtless content that shows off his quirky personality and shredded body.


Francis Tiafoe (USA) @bigfoe1998

Big Foe! The American may not be towering in height – but he has a big personality and a big set of glutes! With beautiful chocolate skin and a proportionately pleasing physique, Tiafoe deserves to be ranked both amongst the top tennis players on the tour and the sexiest players on this list.


Feliciano Lopez (Spain) @felilopezoficial

This Tennis Daddy is Certainly defying aging. At 39 years old, the Spaniard is still actively competing on the tour and looking great while doing it. He could easily be the face of a fragrance brand – hopefully in one of those shirtless campaigns.

Fernando Verdascos (Spain) @ferverdasco


It must be something in the water in Spain, because the stunningly striking Verdascos is also in his late thirties – yet can still compete with the young bucks in the tennis and looks department. The Intense training, ice baths and adoration from fans around the world is keeping this stud youthful looking and worthy of wet dreams.

Rafael Nadal (Spain) @rafaelnadal


Can you have any tennis discussion without mentioning one of the Big Three? Nadal closes our list out as the Daddy of all Tennis Daddies. One of the most successful players of all time, Nadal’s flamboyant style, school boy charm and yachting lifestyle gives us plenty to work with. 

Source of pictures are the Instagram accounts of the athletes that are hyperlinked in the post.

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