These Are the Hottest Wrestlers in WWE Right Now

Photo credit: WWE

We’re on the road to Wrestlemania, but honestly, I wish we were on the road to the men’s locker room within WWE. Whether you’re a troll going on about the scripted combat sport or a fan who enjoys the formulated suspense, no one can deny the eye candy throwing themselves around the ring while being slathered in oil and wearing skimpy shorts. All jokes aside, WWE employs some seriously talented athletes who can perform next level moves in the ring. If you couldn’t tell by this point, I am a frequent viewer of SmackDown and Raw – so, here’s a list of my favorite wrestlers based solely on looks alone!

1. Austin Theory

2. Sheamus 

3. Ridge Holland

4. Jey Uso

5. Angel Garza 

6. Randy Orton

7. MVP

8. Robert Roode

9. Cedric Alexander 

10. Goldberg

Do you watch professional wrestling, whether it’s WWE, AEW, Impact or another promotion? Who’s some of your favorite wrestlers in the ring and in your fantasies? Comment and let me know!

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