These Hollywood Dad’s Have Us Wishing We Could Call Them Zaddy!

Wait, what’s a Zaddy?  It’s – a sexually attractive man, especially an older one who is fashionable or charismatic.  Our list of zaddy’s has another twist as they are all LGBTQ men and are real daddies. No straight meat fantasies on this lust list. 

Now with that out of the way, we know we already have your attention so let’s just jump into the list already!


You can’t have a list like this without including some actual Hollywood heavyweights. That’s why Bryan Lourd is topping (no pun intended) our list of Hollywood DILF’s. Lourd is not only a partner and co-chairman of Hollywood’s biggest entertainment agency, CAA – but he has a connection to true Hollywood royalty. Talk about Big D—k Energy. Lourd dated actress Carrie Fisher (best known for playing Princess Leia in Star Wars and for being the daughter of Hollywood Icon Debbie Reynolds), which whom he shares daughter Billie Lourd with born in 1992. Lourd married Bruce Bozzi (restauranteur and best friend of Andy Cohen), in October of 2016. Lourd legally adopted Bozzi’s daughter Ava and the family now shares their time between New York City and Beverly Hills.

Billie Lourd (L), Bryan Lourd (R) / Credit: @LegendaryLourd Instagram account
Bruce Bozzi (L), Lourd (R) / Credit: @LegendaryLourd Instagram account


The Queer Eye star was born in Houston, TX and is of Jamaican and Cuban descent. Though not the traditional route into parenthood, Brown is the father of two. Shortly after appearing on MTV’s The Real World as the first openly gay black cast member, Brown received certified mail stating that he owed child support. After some investigating, Brown learned he impregnated a high school girlfriend, but she chose to move away and keep the pregnancy hidden from him. Brown met with his new son, Jason (10 years old at the time) and received full custody of him in 2007. Brown also adopted Jason’s younger biological brother. Brown’s son, Jason, recently came out as pansexual.


He sings, he dances, he acts, and … he changes diapers. Cheyenne Jackson definitely earns a spot on this list of hot gay dads. Not only does Jackson and his husband Jason Landau make the most adorable couple – but they actually make parenting (to a set of twins) seem like it’s actually worth giving up all of your free time. Jackson, 46, has spoken in the past about juggling his home life with work and his sobriety/fitness. Judging from the huge smiles on his family’s face, always taking selfies on the set of some production and his chiseled torso and huge biceps – I think Jackson is juggling pretty well.


The King of Latin Pop, this stud went from being called Papi by many adorning fans – to now just being Papi to his two adorable children. Along with his (equally as sexy) husband Jwan Yosef, Martin announced via Instagram, the birth of of their daughter Lucia Martin-Yosef (2018) and their son Renn Martin-Yosef (2019), respectively.


No list, no matter the subject matter, is complete without a ginger. This award winning actor and one of the stars of ABC’s Modern Family, claims a spot on our Hollywood DILF’s list. Ferguson married his partner, lawyer Justin Mikita in New York CIty in 2013. The two met at the gym and it was love at first sight. Their love story gives the rest of us some hope for our gym crush’s. The two share a son, Beckett Mercer Ferguson-Mikita, who was born during the pandemic in July 2020.



Cooper has long been a Zaddy, before the term even became a popular category to group men by. But something tells me the giggly, Silver Fox would much rather be called an actual Daddy – by his adorable son Wyatt. Cooper, who is a member of The Vanderbilt Family, announced the birth of Wyatt Morgan by surrogacy in April 2020. Cooper has won numerous awards, including 18 Emmy’s, a Peabody Award and several GLAAD awards – but I’m sure his biggest honor to date is that of being Wyatt’s father. Cooper is co-parenting with his best friend and ex-partner, Benjamin Maisani.



Oh, Matt Boner! This was a very obvious choice, not even because of his chiseled jawline or those piercing blue eyes – but because the guy just looks like he’s such a wonderful human being. The Golden Globe award winning actor married Simon Halls in 2011 in New York City. The two share three children: Kit Halls (born in 2005) and twins Walker and Henry Halls (born in 2008). Bomer publicly came out in 2012, when he thanked his husband and children during an acceptance speech for an Humanitarian award he received.


Brent first came to prominence as the random, but hot guy on Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project. But man aren’t we glad he was cast for that show. Since the show has been off air, The stylish Brent became engaged and married to fellow interior designer and TV personality Nate Berkus. The two share parental rights over two children; Poppy Brent-Berkus (born in March 2015) and Oskar Michael Brent-Berkus (born in March 2018). Brent and Berkus sold their Los Angeles home for $11.35 million and moved back to New York City as full time residents in 2019.


You can’t put a cap on creativity. Ford helped to revitalize the Gucci and Saint Laurent brands before his own namesake brand, Tom Ford, became an international luxury success. He also has ventured into directing, writing and directing two Hollywood films. Ford is married to Richard Buckley, who he has been in a relationship with since 1986.  Tom and Richard welcomed their son Alexander John “Jack” Buckley Ford in October 2012. Tom also has a strong parental relationship with his nephew. He has helped raised and continues to guide his nephew. Before we were gay dads, we were always the cool gay uncle. And for that, Ford has earned a spot on this list. Plus, the guy is so dapper and classically handsome – we had to give him a shoutout.

Ford (L), Richard Buckley (R) / Credit: Screen capture
Credit: Screen capture Kim


Apparently, Terry Miller only owns speedos and leather. Miller maintains a sexy, edgy lifestyle all while still being a husband, a boyfriend and a father. Miller, who has been married to Dan Savage since 2005 – share a son, DJ. DJ, who is now in his 20’s, was adopted by the couple as an infant. Miller is in a polyamorous relationship with Savage. He has a boyfriend by the name of Tom, who is documented on both Terry and Dan’s instagram accounts. If they like it, I love it.

Who are some Hollywood DILF’s that you would consider adding to our list?

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  1. Well, someone is a little bitchy. Not sure why Paris Hilton is brought up on a post about Zaddys. And is Luke Evans a real father like all these other men are? It’s not unthinkable he is not on here. ” Our list of zaddy’s has another twist as they are all LGBTQ men and are real daddies. No straight meat fantasies on this lust list.” You’re just too bitter and bitchy to realize why he isn’t on here.

  2. Sorry not sorry but Tom Ford is an absolute arrogant prick, I am not alone with that opinion, fact. Jessie Tyler Ferguson is on that list as well. 🤮

    • Right? and he is a complete pervert that thinks his shit doesn’t stink. I read where some models have commented that he is a nightmare to work with.


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