These Instagram Accounts Celebrate Black, Gay Love

Now I’ll be honest from the start, the point of this post is diversity (and proud of it).

While wrapping up my work for today, I wanted to end the night with a little diversity. Lord knows this site needs it.

While sadly, I didn’t have any particular news to share, I at least decided to spotlight Black, Gay love. And how am I doing that, by sharing some Instagram accounts with you all.

If you’re looking for some uplifting, lovely, funny, sexy, and just all around good pics of black gay couples on Instagram, check out the three pages down below.

  1. BlackGayCouples

While this account has the least amount of posts, the pictures it have are all adorable. Most shots depict selfie sessions, hubbie hugging, kind kisses, and miraculous men.

Its just full of cuteness.


  1. BlackGayGoals

Now for this one, know that this page doesn’t just show black gay men. A few pictures of lesbian women and interracial couples are included.

That said, the majority of pictures depict male melanin magic. The whole point of this account is to celebrate blackness, black love, and really just love in general (but it doesn't forget to celebrate other forms of love too).

Warning: Some pictures on the account are NSFW.






  1. BombGayCouples

Lastly, we have BombGayCouples.

While this page is mostly full of black gay couples, it also includes interracial couples (and some white male couples).

This is a Safe For Work page that celebrates gay love but doesn’t equate gay love to only mean white gay love.

Check it out and see for yourself.



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Keep in mind that this post and these Instagram accounts aren’t to denounce white gay love (which is why its included in two), but to celebrate black gay love (which is often put second).

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