These Mariachis Are Firing Things Up on TikTok

Meet the Guapacharros. A sexy group of mariachis that has made the internet crazy with their hilarious and cute videos on TikTok.



Since the beginning of the stay-at-home orders, this mariachi group has been making everyone fall in love with them with their sensual dance moves. If you haven’t come across them on TikTok yet, is your algorithm even working?!

The group dresses in traditional charro fashion and takes social media to deliver some hot moments that make you wish social distancing was a thing of the past.



The Guapacharros came from the mind of dance instructor Humberto Martinez, who wanted to promote his studio, Academica HM in Mexico City. But the mariachis have since gone viral and now give a daily dose of thotty dance moves to over 760K followers. Their videos have nearly 5 million likes and views.


For those who are weary of using the TikTok platform for security purposes, the group also shares their videos on Instagram.

There is a lot of local buzz surrounding the group of dancers and they have been invited to appear on some spots on Mexican television talk shows. The group plans to create a full show that they tour once it is safe to do so. The Guapacharros are also planning to release a 2021 calendar.

In spite of cloud of darkness that looms over the world lately, these guys will surely put a smile on your face and remind you that there should always be time to dance.


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