These Veterinarians Make Us Want A Hot Dog, Real Bad

Photo Credit: Dr. Evan Antin by Melody Asgari

When I’m not writing about dicks and shirtless torsos, I’m working full time as a vet tech.

No, it’s rarely about cuddling cute puppies and skipping off into the sunset. Most of the time, I’m juggling several patients that I’m trying to give great patient care and/or keep alive. And just when I think I can’t handle more workload, a labored-breathing feline rushes through the door. It’s not always glamorous and definitely not for the faint of heart.


Do you know what would help make the day go a little smoother? Some yummy eye candy!

Much like human medicine, animal medicine is predominantly run by women and finding masculine energy, let alone a fine piece of beef, in the veterinary world is few and far between.

That’s why I wanted to give a special spotlight to the hot vets I could find on the internet. I don’t work with you, but I’d love to work under you.

1. Dr. Chris Wilson


2. Dr. Courtney Campbell


3. Dr. Evan Antin


4. Dr. Hunter Finn


5. Dr. James Greenwood


6. Dr. Nick Vitale

Photo Credit: VPN Plus

7. Dr. Oisin Tracey


8. Dr. Peter Converse


9. Dr. Trusten Moore

10. Dr. Michael Demertze


11. Dr. Bhong Santos


12. Dr. Vernard Hodges

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  1. Wait a sec are they all gay as well? I saw some of the hashtags to some of them. I wasn’t featured, I’m a gay vet lol 🙂 Nice hot choices of veterinarians!


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