These Viral Challenges Need To Stop!

These Viral Challenges Need To Stop!

Have You Joined In On The Craze?

Alright, so like, of course I'm writing once again to bitch and moan. But, I cannot be the only person obsessed with all of these Clout Chasers: You know, people trying to be famous by following a trend or popular person. We live in a day and age where most people make many attempts to gain an internet following. Some will flaunt their body online, pay for followers, and as we've seem many times throughout media: Participate in the latest trending "challenge". These challenges, typically used as a clever marketing ploy, involve the goons and goblins of the internet to gain video views as they attempt to accomplish said challenge. For example: Remember in January when people began eating Tide (laundry) Pods

The latest challenge – eye roll – is the In My Feelings Challenge. It stems from the Rapper Drake's new hit song, In My Feelings. People are challenged to step outside of a moving car and do a simple dance – one my brick feet definitely couldn't do. But, I mean, I'm also definitely not going to get out of a moving car! 

There's been plenty of injuries, including this man who literally got hit by a car. Check out the horrifying video posted by the New York Post below:



YouTube has even released a bunch of Challenge Fail footage for our…enjoyment? 



Who thought a silly Challenge would be smarter than society? I can't be the only one who is growing tired of an endless amount of people trying to entertain us by simply making fools out of themselves. Funny enough, however, I don't tend to see too many people from the LGBTQ community participating in these challenges. They don't seem to get much traction within our audience, even when Laverne Cox took her stab at creating a challenge to much chagrin. Now that it is known these challenges are horrendous and dangerous: Do you think they'll be stopped?

I'm going to be such a hypocrite, but there is one In My Feelings Challenge that did rattle a few bones in my body. Check out this practically nude obvious retired Fraternity Brother shake his shimmy below:



What do you think?