They are so right! Illuminati Reigns Supreme!

Watching the Super Bowl at Sidelines Sports Bar in Wilton Manors, we were jokingly asking, "When's the Katy Perry concert on?"  Well apparently us gays weren't the only ones looking forward to it. 

I think most of us were trying to guess which songs she was going to play and contemplating who besides Lenny Kravitz would join her on the field.  And of course we would be ready to judge, comment, praise, and complain once it was over. The narrow minds over at NOWTHEENDBEGINS.COM have most likely been planning their response for quite some time. 

Two years ago, you had Beyonce flashing the Illuminati Triangle Sign during Super Bowl XLVII, the year before that you had Madonna as a New Age goddess gyrating on a satanic throne, and last year had Bruno Mars shouted “Illuminati Now!” during his performance. This year, we had ex-Christian Katy Perry providing the “entertainment” for us. Perry, whom you may recall, famously renounced her Christian upbringing … – NOWTHEENDBEGINS.COM

I know most of you would say to not give these blinded "thinkers" any extra air time or consideration.  But don't we have to know thy enemy?  This all reminds me of the lovely banner carriers on Bourbon Street who chant and preach that they basically hate everyone and that we are destroying every aspect of society. And one of the most effective ways we can do that?  Through music of course.  They cited:


  • Katy Perry opened riding a golden monster with glowing-red satanic eyes. singing the lyrics to her hit “Dark Horse”, partially quoted in the photo above. Read those words closely, it’s the Devil speaking, and he is coming for you if he can.
  • She performed her LGBT fan favorite “I Kissed A Girl”, leading as many young women as will follow her into experimentation with the LGBT perverted lifestyle.
  • Perry closed with another pro-LGBT song called “Firework” where she floated over the audience riding a shooting star with the LGBT rainbow as it’s tail.

What about Missy Elloitt?  She may safe from their wrath since she was singing about straight sex  and the size of a guy's member 1/2 the time.  Many critics were saying that Elliott stole the half-time show.  Now The End Begins folk might be praising her for injecting some heterosexuality into it. 

Personally, Katy was great, Missy was phenomenal (I bet she is blowing up iTunes today), and I forgot Lenny was in it until I watched it again.  And if she is Illuminati?  Apparently she is in good company.  Bring on the Demons!

For more of their entertaining words, head on over to NOWTHEENDBEGINS.COM

And if you were one of three people that missed the half-time show, here is an okay copy of it below.



What do you think?