Thicc Rugby Player Gets Down

By now you must have come across the viral video of a rugby player shaking his jelly with the DHL Stormers’ cheerleaders during a South African rugby game. 

The video has been viewed over 5 million times on TikTok and features a very thicc Wiaan Laing hitting it hard on the pitch to Beyoncé’s Single Ladies.


When its game day #nz #rugby #superugby #blues #fyp #singleladies #beyonce

♬ Single Ladies – Beyoncé


In reality, Laing is not a Stormers player, but a professional dancer, teacher choreographer and actor from the Stellenbosch Dance Academy who answered a call to dance with the DHL cheerleaders. The 32-year-old lives in Cape Town with his partner Abré.


Laing shared with Instinct about how the collaboration came to fruition in 2020:

I went to an audition in 2019 for various Live Entertainment companies and when they saw me dancing they booked me for GIGS almost immediately. One of the companies belongs to the manager of the DHL Dancers, Jennifer Beck, and she asked me to join the team of girls and pose as a rugby player. She said I looked the part of a Rugby Player and would fool people easily, which eventually happened.  

Laing posted the full performance on his TikTok account.


Full video of the DHL Dancers featuring me! #rugby #rugbydancers #DHLStormers #DHLStormersCheerleaders

♬ original sound – Wiaan Laing


Since the video’s popularity, Laing says:

No phone call from Ellen as of yet, 😝,  but it has been surreal as that was literally the only 10 seconds that was broadcasted on TV! It’s been viewed millions of times across social platforms and that in itself feels great. I love to see that my passion gives others a reason to smile.

Whether he actually plays rugby or not, Laing shared:

I grew up in a small farm town in Limpopo, South Africa and played Rugby as a child until the age of 14. I will still on occasion play a fun friendly game of touch rugby with friends or my students on the beach. 

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