Things Are About to Get Steamy in ‘Farming for Love’ Season 2

‘Farming for Love’ is back for a second season, and it features a gay farmer named Kirkland Douglas who is set to meet queer hotties in the show.


Kirkland is a 35-year-old second generation farmer and former rodeo champion from Rosedale, B.C. According to Yahoo News, he looking for a man who is “ready to settle down, saddle up, and ride into the sunset.” A synopsis of the series via Out reads:

“The second season of Farming for Love — a CTV dating show that features Canadian farmers looking for love — includes a gay male lead called Kirkland. As a result, the show also includes a bunch of queer men who are vying for Farmer Kirkland’s love.”

You can check out Kirkland’s hot daters here:


Meanwhile, host Sabrina Jalees teased that Season 2 is set to get steamy.

“I like to think of Season 2 as the second date with Farming for Love. First date, everyone’s buttoned up, everyone’s wearing their perfume, they’ve got their gelled hair. Second date you’re ready to open mouth kiss, and that’s what we’re ready to do with Canada,” she told Yahoo Canada.

Jalees further expressed about the show’s gay storyline,


“Seeing a gay storyline mixed into a show that’s just about love, it’s not about gay love. Oftentimes, it’s got to be this specific queer angle and it just felt so rewarding to be a part of a show that is about people finding love, where there happens to be a gay farmer on it. I think it’s going to be pretty meaningful to people watching.”

Moreover, ‘Farming for Love’ Season 2 premiered on May 29 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CTV, and the CTV app.


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