Things You Probably Didn’t Know About British Actor Luke Fetherston

Luke Fetherston is a British actor who kicked off his career on the West End, and he is also starring as the main character Ryan in the 2024 series ‘Big Mood’.


Luke Richard Fetherston was born in Glasgow and grew up in Hertfordshire and East London. He was introduced to acting when he was 8 years old after her sister encouraged him to audition for a local theater company. He then attended the Arts Educational School (ArtsEd) in West London.

Thereafter, he was 18 when he was scouted in central London to be a model, which he did alongside acting. Since then, Fetherston has appeared in a couple of films, television shows and stage productions, including ‘Big Mood’, where he is playing the character of Ryan who is gay.


“When I read Ryan, I was like, ‘I know who he is, and I want to have fun.’ Sometimes there’s a risk with playing flamboyant or ‘camp’ roles. But I am not here for that anymore. He’s a party boy, he’s the fun one. He doesn’t give a f***. I just loved it so much,” the actor told Attitude.

Fetherston further expressed,


“I was so happy to bring that to life because sometimes I do have insecurities about what people might think of a gay actor playing a camp role and getting ‘pigeonholed’. But I think we’re past that now.”


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