Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Elite’ Actor Miguel Herrán

In another episode of Things You Probably Didn’t Know About, let’s get to know more about the hottie that is Spanish actor Miguel Herrán, shall we?

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Miguel Ángel García de la Herrán, famously known as Miguel Herrán, was born on April 25, 1996 in Málaga, Spain, and his parents are Manuel Herrán and Belén Herrán. He attended William Layton Laboratory to study acting, and his career began after a chance encounter with actor and director Daniel Guzmán on the streets of Málaga.

The said encounter led him to audition for the 2015 film ‘Nothing in Return,’ wherein he played the role of Darío. Thereafter, he won the Goya Award for Best New Actor in 2016 for his portrayal in the drama feature. 

Aside from his debut film, ‘Nothing in Return,’ the 26-year-old actor is well-known for portraying Aníbal Cortés (codename ‘Río’) in the hit TV show, ‘Money Heist,’ as well as starring as Christian Varela in the popular Netflix series, ‘Elite.’

(c) Instagram: @miguel.g.herran

On top of him being cast in well-received shows, Miguel also acted in an advertisement for Gaana, which is an Indian music streaming platform. Moreover, his latest works are the 2022 films ‘Canallas,’ and ‘Prison 77,’ where he played the roles of Brujo Joven and Manuel, respectively.

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