Things You Probably Didn’t Know About French Actor Félix Maritaud

Félix Maritaud is well-known for starring in the LGBTQ+ films ‘Sauvage / Wild’, ‘Knife + Heart’ and ‘120 BPM’, and he is the hottest young actor on the planet per the Irish times.


The actor was born on December 12, 1992 in Nevers, Nièvre, France, and he reportedly never had a formal acting training. Maritaud was a former art student, who was preparing for a full-time gardening job when he was seen at a bar and asked to audition for the film ‘120 BPM’.


He began acting in 2017, and ‘120 BPM’ marks as his debut movie, as well as one of his most notable works. More recently, Maritaud is starring alongside Théodore Pellerin in the drag film ‘Solo’. The 31-year-old actor is portraying the role of Oliver, who is described as a “charismatic charmer with a jealous streak.” 


Moreover, Maritaud identifies as gay. In a 2019 interview with Attitude, he opened up about his desire to portray characters other than queer roles.

“I don’t care about being gay. Sucking d*ck is not something [important] in life. The problem is, in France, they can’t imagine you otherwise,” the actor stated.

Maritaud further expressed,

“I don’t want to be a gay character all my life [because] I’m gay already. If the movie is good, I don’t care if they’re straight, gay or bisexual. The people who put something on [my sexuality], we are not on the same level. I’m on another level, so they can either follow or go f*ck themselves.”


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