Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Red Eye’ Actor Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage has been at it with starring in shows that ultimately become the topic of conversation online, with Netflix’s erotic series ‘Obsession’ and now his new thriller ‘Red Eye’ on ITV.


The 52-year-old English actor and author is playing the role of Dr. Matthew Nolan, who was arrested for allegedly murdering a woman during his recent business trip in China. A synopsis of ‘Red Eye’ via further reads:

“As he is extradited back to China, with DC Hana Li (Jing Lusi) as his police escort, it appears there is a larger conspiracy at play, with multiple incidents affecting the flight.”

‘Red Eye’ is available for streaming on ITVX.


Moreover, Richard Crispin Armitage was born on August 22, 1971 in Leicester, England. He initially pursued music when he was young, playing the cello in school and local orchestras, as well as learning how to play the flute.

At the age of 14, he was able to convince his mother to transfer to Pattison College in Coventry to focus on drama and dance. The actor thereafter finished his studies with A Levels in music and English. Since then, he has starred in a long list of films, television shows and theater productions.


In 2023 interview with The Standard, Armitage confirmed that he has male partner. He also previously told that he came out “to anybody who mattered” when he was 19. He then opened up about sexuality, stating:

“I don’t know that I ever wanted to put myself in front of the work I was doing, anything about my family or personal life. I just thought, ‘Let the work speak for itself’. I love the conversation with the younger generation. I love the idea that whatever gender, sexuality, the fluidity of who you love, how you identify, is not fixed.”

“That was always a thing: if I declare who I am and my sexuality, then I’m saying it’s fixed and I don’t know that, or if I might feel something for somebody further down the line. I doubt it, but I don’t know,” Armitage further expressed.

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