Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Sugar Highs’ Actor Joey Beni

Joey Beni is known for portraying the role of Tab in OutTV’s coming-of-age comedy series ‘Sugar Highs’. His character in the show is described as “a handsome guy who has no other ambition than to train, grab his video game console and refine his skateboard jumps.”


Not to mention, Tab manages to survive with the help of generous sugar daddies… Yup, that’s right. The actor was born in San Diego, and mostly grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He then moved to Los Angeles, California to make movies after graduating high school.

In a November 2022 interview with In Magazine, Beni shared that he did community theatre and has “always wanted to be an actor.” He also revealed the reason why he decided to move back to California, recalling:

“After graduating high school, I felt stuck and nothing was interesting to me. I decided that I loved California and wanted to move to L.A. to make movies. So I worked really hard for two years and saved up some money, and then packed up my car and drove to California. It was scary and exciting but it was the best thing I have ever done.”


Aside from being an actor, he is also a writer, and he has a passion for health, fitness and the outdoors. In March 2022, he broke the internet for doing a full-frontal in ‘DemonHuntr’ which he filmed back in 2019. Moreover, Beni was asked in the same interview if the world needs sugar daddies and sugar babies.

To that, he responded:

“I think so, it’s all about supply and demand!”


Now that we’ve gotten to know a bit more about the hottie that is Joey Beni, let’s also take a moment to admire some of his sexy pics 😉




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  1. I laughed at the comments about his dye job on that other site a few weeks back and it wasn’t until I saw this feature that I remembered I had checked out the first two episodes of this piece of crap show last year. He does have nice abs and a nice ass, but that – in a day of plenty of great pictures on-line – didn’t make up for the waste of time it was.

    Jeez Louise it was an awful and unbelievable TV show. As someone who used to regularly have coffee and breakfast with a collection of twink porn star friends (my then neighbor, who didn’t have a license and would pay me with coffee and breakfast to drop him off and started to invite me to stay and meet his friends). They also escorted in addition to shooting porn, pre-lockdown, and let me tell you, the payments they got from “sugar daddies,” and experiences are nothing like this although the IRL twinks were at least cuter and less bland/BAF types like the two on this show!


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