Think Pole Dancing’s Easy? Watch This Video.

Screenshot via YouTube @MattDoesFitness

Just how hard is it to pick up pole dancing? That’s what one fitness trainer and bodybuilder recently found out.

When he’s not offering fitness and exercise advice, English YouTuber MattDoesFitness likes to release videos of himself trying different fitness/health tests and experiences. From trying out the Victoria’s Secret model diet to attempting the work of a professional pole dancer. It’s that latest attempt that was recently released on YouTube and Matt quickly grew to regret it.

The video starts with Matt meeting up with his sister Katherine. She then gives him a master class in pole dancing. Spoiler, he wasn’t ready.

The two start by stretching to warm up. Always important. Then, the two tackle the first move, the “Hello Boys.” It’s safe to say, it all goes downhill from there.

As funny as the video is though, it certainly gives us a new appreciation for the work and craft that is pole dancing. From doing moves like “Head Stand Leg Waves,” Iron X,” and “Straddle,” we see just how much strength and coordination goes into pole dancing.

Of course, Katherine later admits, “I’d never teach a beginner those things ever.”

So if you beginners want to see these pro moves, done by an amateur, go ahead and watch the video below.

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