Third Known Man On PrEP Tests Positive For HIV


A third person to have contracted HIV while on PrEP. According to findings from Dr. Elske Hoornenborg from Seattle, the 50-years old Dutch man was taking PrEP daily and kept a diary of his sexual activity (over 50 men a month) on a phone app. Hoornenborg theorized a small level of the virus may have stayed in his rectum.

Without his knowledge before it had a chance to spread throughout the body. Because of this, even a small dip of Truvada concentration in his rectum that may have occurred without another corresponding drop in blood levels may have given HIV a small opportunity to spread. The two drugs in Truvada (tenofovir disproxil fumarate/emtricitabine) may not have been enough to fight against such a unique circumstance. 

[The Dutch man kept track of his sexual partners in his diary. He] reported to have have sex with 75 partners the first month, 56 the second month, 56 the third month, 50 the fourth, 38 the fifth, 49 the sixth, and 66 the seventh, with 12 anal sex partners in total.

According to questionnaires, the man had barrier free anal sex with 90 partners during the first 12 weeks. During the duration of the study, while he was on PrEP, he was diagnosed twice with rectal gonorrhea and once with rectal Chlamydia. –

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For more info from Hoornenborg, see her findings here.

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  1. As a man with HIV for the

    As a man with HIV for the past 35 years, (diagnosed in 1982) I understand why this man is having sex so often. But he needs to only have sex using protection. To not use protection and relying on prep to keep him safe is obviously not a good idea. Now that he has the virus I feel very sorry for his future as I have to take many drugs everyday that cause me to have very little energy.


  2. I think it’s very sad to read

    I think it's very sad to read all of these comments condoning this man for his sexual activities. It's his life and his choice how to live it. 

    I'm sure there are plenty who would not approve of your lifestyle and sexual activity. 

    • One point however might be

      One point however might be that just like heed immunity, a level of restraint could be beneficial. But I understand sexual desire like his in a way, and understand why he acts upon those urges (for I mostly hope he was not just having such risky sex just for something to do)…


      I won't berate him; but wouldn't be lying if I said that he was making very poor choices in some senses based on some scales (from certain perspectives).

  3. It’s not 100%safe only 90%.

    It's not 100%safe only 90%. So 50 men a month ……. You should test for everything every 3 months…if you have a std and on prep it reduces the effect so keep that in mind. But 50 men  a month? Seriously??? Get a life.

  4. Anybody who has that many

    Anybody who has that many sexual  partners is irresponsible and begging for trouble. I'm surprised he didn't have other infections. I feel embarrassed. 



  5. This is friggin embarrassing.

    This is friggin embarrassing.  As a gay man, I feel like I'm surrounded by sexually immature seventh graders. Guys with a torso as their profile pic. They can't make conversation past sexual topics.  Jesus Christ man, GROW UP. 

    • Having a top so pic on ones

      Having a torso pic on ones profile doesn't mean someone's a whore like this guy. It just means they keep their face pic private.

  6. PrEp was NEVER supposed to be

    PrEp was NEVER supposed to be a free pass for you to go out and sleep with a thousand different people in a year or two. We have learned nothing.

  7. As the mother of a gay son,

    As the mother of a gay son, may I point out that if you are hooking up with that many men a month without using barrier protection, you are just begging to spread or catch a disease? Even if it's not HIV you are worried about (and you STILL should) there are plenty of other nasty diseases out there.

  8. I’m sorry! But if you are

    I'm sorry! But if you are hooking up with 50 dudes a month, those are damn good odds you are gonna catch something! Shouldn't be a surprise. Gay men are so tragic sometimes! And I'm saying this as a gay man! It's so hard to be proud of my community when shit like this comes out! No wonder people think negatively about us! Time to wake up homos!

  9. When will people learn that

    When will people learn that being on PrEP only reduces the risk of infecion to ALMOST zero. Almost zero is NOT zero. Wake up and smell the coffee. Geeezzzzz


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