Thirsty Thursday? These boys will help you get through it.

Waking up to this was a great thing. decided to put together a list and pictures of guys that we can follow on Instagram. I was excited to see that there were about 4 guys I already follow.  What was exciting was that this is supposedly Part 1 of a list Cheap Undies has put together.  How many parts will there be? And guys in their underwear?  Well not all of them.  I am sure they wear underwear once in a while, but the boys at Cheap Undies gave us some NSFW pics that had zero undies present. 


Take a hike over to and see for yourself. Here are a couple to tide you over. And make note of how to follow each man on Instagram.

17 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday? These boys will help you get through it.”

  1. I am guessing the only people

    I am guessing the only people talking shit about Cheap Undies quality would be some sort of competitor who is jealous by their recent success.   I thought the name was kind of cute and fun, so I bought a pair and now I am hooked.  The quality is exactly what make these underwear the best, which is funny considering their name.   

  2. Gay people:

    Gay people:

    Stop to straight men. All the models who appear in that list are straight, ABSOLUTELY.

    Reason is simple: They are handsome and they've got gorgeous body.

    And  you are UGLY, Skinny, thin, fat or plumpy men because homosexuals or sodomites.

    Handsome man + athletic body = STRAIGHT MAN.

    Ugly face + Thin, fat, skinny or plumpy body + girly behavior = GAY MEN. 

    • Where are you people coming

      Where are you people coming from?   Cheap Undies supports gay and straight guys.  They even sell women's clothes.   UGH!   Stupid people

      • “Are you trying to be funny?

        "Are you trying to be funny? "

        NO, I'm talking seriously. 

        "No, not all those men are straight."

        How do you know? Do you know them? Do you have any evidence about that? 

        So tell who is gay and who is straight about the men who appear on the list….and…. you must prove it. 

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  4. I bought like 5 pair, and

    I bought like 5 pair, and they all disintegrated within two washes. Cheap is right and I am pretty sure edible underwear would last longer

    • that’s a crock of shit.  i

      that's a crock of shit.  i have 6 pairs and they are like brand new after 5 months.  You probably work for another underwear company or something b/c that's a JOKE

  5. You all need to quit bitching

    You all need to quit bitching and pay attention to this incredible list of gorgeous men!  YAZZ

  6. I LOVE Cheap Undies!  I buy

    I LOVE Cheap Undies!  I buy all my underwear on that site.  I have only one pair of their own brand and it's made better than underwear I paid 10x more for , like Andrew Christian and PUMP.

    There is the real scoop for you.  I would love for someone to do a comparison in quality of these underwear!  Lets see the truth!

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  8. Clearly the people talking

    Clearly the people talking shit in this thread have never even tried the underwear or visited the website.  Cheap Undies sells all different kinds of brand of underwear at discounted prices.

    AND their own brand is made really well.  There is no way you have ever bought a pair if you are talking shit about the quality.   I own hundreds of pairs of underwear and the actual Cheap Undies brand is some of the highest quality of all of them.   

    I just had to say that b/c people just like to talk shit to talk shit for no reason at all.   Why don't you try wearing a pair before you just talk out your asses?   

  9. Wow the shade. If you don’t

    Wow the shade. If you don't like them then don't buy them. There's no need to knock the brand. 

  10. So they live up to their

    So they live up to their brand Mr Anonymous. Very rare these days. Other brands make you think they made well and they arent. 

    • How is that a good thing?

      How is that a good thing? There are many brands out there who are cheap in price but are made with superior quality. This brand just sucks and is trying to suck on the gay community's ballsack.

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  12. Stop trying to push

    Stop trying to push They suck and they are exactly what the name suggests, cheap fabric and cheap marketing. 


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