This 18-year-old case of murdered gay man is finally closed!

In Montgat, Spain, on March 8, 2000 a murder of a gay man occurred that had been unsolved until recently. 45-year-old Vitervo A.V. had gone out for drinks with a man he had met on a personals ad. According to Spanish news outlet El País, the two drank in excess and then returned to Vitervo’s home where he was the caregiver of an elderly man. Once there it was apparent that the two were about to become intimate. Once naked, the murderer stabbed Vitervo repeatedly and left him lying in his own pool of blood.

Even creepier, the murder wrapped a yellow artificial flower around the victim’s ear and using the victim's blood wrote on the wall “Hitler tenía razón” meaning “Hitler was right” and then the letters “KKK” for Ku Klux Klan. The murderer was careful to remove his foot prints and all possibility of his DNA from the crime scene and got away sending authorities into an 18 year cold case.

Several years after the murder, the victim’s cousin received a phone call where she could hear Vitervo pleading for his life. Authorities were able to use technology to tap the phone line and investigated phone records that led them to clues of a man with history of sexual aggression who had returned to his home in Colombia in 2009.

The cold case was re-opened and through investigation, authorities discovered similar cases to the murder in Montgat. Phone records on the day of and leading up to the day of the murder led to investigation of a home approximately 43 miles away from Vitervo’s home where they believe the suspect lived at the time.

Interviews with people at the residence gave authorities more insight, including stories from the still unnamed soldier from Colombia who idolized Nazism and boasted about having killed a gay man in Barcelona.

The homophobic suspect in this 18-year-old case was located in Colombia and is being held until extradition to Spain.

h/t: El País


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