This 43-Year-Old Actor Has Twitter Bubbling With Thirst

Jerry Yan / Image via Youku Mango TV & Mango TV

Oh, to be in that tub!

We’ve found the latest Twitter topic that we think you Instinct readers would love to thirst over, and it’s none other than Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan. The 43-year-old started to trend online earlier this week because of his appearance in a romantic comedy television series called Count Your Lucky Stars, according to Next Shark. But specifically, it’s one particular scene that’s got the internet’s attention. And honestly, there’s not much more we need to say. The video speaks for itself.



But who is Jerry Yan? For fans of Taiwanese television, or Japanese comics, you might be familiar with Yan through Meteor Garden. Based on the Japanese comic titled Boys Over Flowers, the story follows a high schooler from a poor family who is accepted into an elite school. She then butts heads with the four “mean guys” of the school who call themselves the F4. Yan not only starred as the male lead for the 2001 Taiwanese tv adaption, but he later found success in a boy band, called F4, with his Meteor Garden castmates.


Now, nearly 20 years later, Jerry Yan has found himself in yet another popular tv drama. Though, that doesn’t come without some conflict. Yan is 20 years older than his on-screen partner Shen Yue, according to the Straits Times. This has caused some controversy around the show. Yan even commented on this age gap between him and the female lead. He noted that he felt pressure to take on the role despite the age difference and it created a tense atmosphere on set.

Despite that, Yan, as the editor-in-chief of a magazine whose fortune is swapped with Yue’s unlucky fashion designer character, is finding himself back in the hearts and minds of gays and women around the globe. We’ll see how he, and the show, fare from here. Will the show’s plot overcome its casting mistake? Will Yan appear shirtless again? The world needs to know!

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