This Accomplished Actor Looks Great 20 Years Later!

Jesse Bradford in Swimfan

Jesse Bradford. Actor. Director. Philanthropist. DILF. Looks good in a speedo.

Was Jesse Bradford part of your sexual awakening in the early 2000s? Well, he sure was a part of mine thanks to the psychological thriller Swimfan!


If you’ve never seen the flick, and you really should, Bradford plays a struggling swimmer who comes across a dangerous woman at school. The woman, played by Erika Christensen, becomes psychotically obsessed with Bradford and begins to target him and his girlfriend, played by Shiri Appleby.

Swimfan was a modest hit at the box office in 2002, but it didn’t necessary launch the career of Bradford. By that time, he already starred in queer favorite Bring It On, slasher Cherry Falls, and Romeo & Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. Talk about a resume! 




Now 43-years-old and a father of 1, Jesse Bradford mostly works in television. He enjoyed a strong character arc in “West Wing” and lead short-lived series including “Guys with Kids,” “Outlaw” and “Sequestered.”

He also wrote, directed, produced and starred in his own short film in 2018 titled The Day of Matthew Montgomery

Still, I never forgot how hot he looked in Swimfan… mostly in regard to his pool sex scene. So, if you’re like me and were captivated by this man’s ‘performance,’ here’s what the actor and philanthropist looks like in recent years!


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