This Amazon Ad Quietly Supports Gay Marriage In The Best Way

This Amazon ad has a very understated but clear message in support of gay marriage, and we can’t help loving it.


The ad for Amazon's Fire TV has two scenes merging into one. On the base level, we seen one of the final scenes from the Oscar Award winning film Moonlight.

In it, (spoilers) two childhood friends meet again in a diner after having drift apart. But the old flame between them still burns strong as the two soon realize they still care for each other.

As that scene plays in the background, two distinctly male voices speak over it. One man asks Alexa what the name of the song is that’s playing in the scene. Alexa answers, and the voice says to add the song to their wedding playlist. The other male voice then says, “I love you.”

This doubling down on gay love and gay marriage, but in a nuanced and respectable way, is beyond appreciated and we have to give Amazon props on for it.


If you want to check out the video yourself, its right below.

h/t: Dallas Voice

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