This Angry Dad Posts Excellent Response To Anti-LGBTQ Bathroom Laws

It's not always nice to call people ignorant or bad parents, but Steve Rudner did just that and we love it.

In response to the whole "who gets to pee where" debate, this Texan boils down the argument to the basics.

Well, one dad is tackling the issue head-on. Steve Rudner decided to silence those who would prefer to deny transgender people their rights rather than step outside of their comfort zones, offering words of wisdom and a heavy dose of truth:


I'm the father of a 21 year old daughter. There are lots of things I worry about. I worry about her being sexually assaulted, because that happens a lot. I worry about her being the victim of a drunk driver, because that happens a lot. I worry about her being the victim of gun violence, because lots of people die from gun-related injuries. Here's what I do not worry about: I don't worry about her being attacked in a restroom by a trans woman because (a) it has never happened; and (b) trans women are the most victimized group of people I've ever met, and the least likely to commit a crime of indecency in a restroom, because they are afraid of getting beat up when all they want to do is pee. And here is something else I don't worry about: I don't worry about my daughter being cruel and inhumane to trans men, women or kids, because my wife and I have raised her to have values and because she is a kind person. There are things to worry about. and then there are things people want you to worry about to conceal their agenda of discrimination and hate. Wake up.


Rudner is an attorney located in Texas and is also on the board of directors for Equality Texas, so he’s backing up these truth bombs with action as well. If only more people were as open-minded and compassionate. –

Thanks Steve for stating the obvious.  It needs to be done more often, over and over.

It's sad that we need to point out to parents that they are not teaching their children how to be better citizens, but instead, these parents are teaching HATE.



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