This Children’s Shirt Is Wildly Offensive

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Amazon Pulls Children’s Shirt After It Obviously Refers To Child Sex Abuse

What in the world was someone thinking when they created the following shirt? According to The New York Post, the juggernaut online retailer that is Amazon decided to pull a horribly heinous children’s shirt after Twitter rightfully fired back at the company. The shirt, advertised on a child, reads – you read that correctly “Daddy’s Little Slut”. I know, that isn’t a joke. What on Earth, right?!

Amazon had been selling the shirt since June 2019 for eighteen dollars via a retail seller called OnlyBabyCare. Yes, that is a company clearly targeting youth. What?! The description claims the shirt was suitable for a variety of family-friendly events like baby showers and baptisms. What? I feel faint. OnlyBabyCare sells widely confusing apparel, like a hat that states “Black Guns Matter”. It’s all messy and I’m not here for this. What father calls his offspring a slut?!

Normally I’m fully against cancel culture and Twitter outrage… as it’s nothing but keyboard warriors looking to be offended. However, this is the most ridiculous, absurd, raunchy advertisement towards a child and I cannot fathom how this even got one thumbs up, let another enough to be advertised and geared towards online consumers.

The only time this shirt may be appropriate is so clearly for adults. Halloween just passed and I could see this being a parody of Batman’s Harley Quinn, who wore a “Daddy’s Little Monster” t-shirt in her performance during the critical fail Suicide Squad, and has gone on to being a part of her cosplay and wildly popular Halloween costume. Know your audience folks, because simply put, this is how you get canceled.

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H/T: New York Post

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