This Child’s Pit Stop to the Use the Toilet Went Incredibly Wrong

A cruising hot spot in Edinburgh was raided this week after an uncle and his 6-year-old nephew came across a group of 12 men performing sex acts earlier this week. Edinburgh News reports that the Mound toilets are a popular destination for gay men looking for a good time in public, but the uncle did not know this.


When he and his nephew needed to make a pit stop before a shopping trip, they stumbled upon the group of men, one of which was on his knees in front of another man while the others surrounded them as they pleasured themselves.

The 32-year-old unidentified man shared with Edinburgh News:

I totally understand that cruising happens in every city but to do it in the public view takes it to another level. I just quickly walked out. Luckily I had my nephew over my shoulder facing the other direction. I was just so taken aback. I think from now on I’ll be using toilets within premises as I don’t want to experience anything like that again.

It really concerns me that if a child not with an adult was to go into the toilets what situation is that? Children go back to parents and say they’ve seen things. Wouldn’t that then make a parent think someone intentionally indecently exposed themselves to a child?

Authorities raided the public toilets and one witness claimed several men ran out as police ran in. Others were taken outside and questioned.

This incident is still being investigated, but a spokesperson from Edinburgh urges the public to report any such behavior in public toilets to authorities immediately.

h/t: Edinburgh News

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