This Community College’s Form of Protest to Anti Gay Speaker Peter LaBarbera is Awesome!

When word hit Sinclair Community College that Peter LaBarbera (president of the anti-gay organization Americans for Truth about Homosexuality which claims homosexuality can be "cured") was coming to speak on their Dayton, Ohio campus, a bunch of the  students and faculty were not having it and used their brain power to craft a ridiculously clever (and simple) form of protest: show up and show out—literally!

The moment that LaBarbera started yapping about the "gay agenda" to the full crowd of students and teachers, the majority of them simply got up and walked out. Bye Felicia!

In the class of life, these folks get an A+!

See the before and after photo below:


Suffice it to say the only "gay agenda" these protestors had was giving this bigot the boot!

What do you think of Sinclair Community College's form of protest, Instincters? And more importantly, do you think the school should have invited him to come speak in the first place?


(HT: Image Source: Kate Geiselman

What do you think?