This Community College’s Form of Protest to Anti Gay Speaker Peter LaBarbera is Awesome!

When word hit Sinclair Community College that Peter LaBarbera (president of the anti-gay organization Americans for Truth about Homosexuality which claims homosexuality can be "cured") was coming to speak on their Dayton, Ohio campus, a bunch of the  students and faculty were not having it and used their brain power to craft a ridiculously clever (and simple) form of protest: show up and show out—literally!


The moment that LaBarbera started yapping about the "gay agenda" to the full crowd of students and teachers, the majority of them simply got up and walked out. Bye Felicia!

In the class of life, these folks get an A+!

See the before and after photo below:



Suffice it to say the only "gay agenda" these protestors had was giving this bigot the boot!

What do you think of Sinclair Community College's form of protest, Instincters? And more importantly, do you think the school should have invited him to come speak in the first place?


(HT: Image Source: Kate Geiselman

17 thoughts on “This Community College’s Form of Protest to Anti Gay Speaker Peter LaBarbera is Awesome!”

  1. Concerning the age of those
    Concerning the age of those that remain: I am the young man right of center in the first photo and I am wearing the light blue button up in the second. I remained behind to
    challenge this bigot and his very weak presentation. Not everyone who stayed was there to support the speaker. There were many faculty members that were in the background but cannot be seen in these photos.

  2. I resent the comment that

    I resent the comment that only the "old" stayed. I am 66 years old and I would not have stayed. I take every opportunity to support gay rights. I think it is despicable the way the way they are treated and ostracized. What is wrong with people that they would support the hatred of anyone or any group?

  3. You really wonder what kind

    You really wonder what kind of people stayed and listen. Indeed they are "old". I guess they were just to polite to walk away too. 

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  5. My college doesn’t allow any

    My college doesn't allow any kind of club to exist that is harmful to other students, we also have gender neutral private bathrooms. 

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  7. Almost all of the people that

    Almost all of the people that remained in the picture are old. This makes sense.


    • Daniel, I am a 58 year old

      Daniel, I am a 58 year old student at Sinclair, a member of Brite Signal Alliance, and supported, participated in, and helped promote this protest!  Please don't resort to age stereotyping! Also, some of the people who stayed did so in order to document what was and wasn't said by the speaker, not because they agreed with his opinions!

  8. The college did NOT invite

    The college did NOT invite Peter LaBarbera.  The Traditional Values Club did and the way the laws are now, there is no way to censor groups like this on public institutions. We have freedome of speech.  Two years they hung posters that stated  condoms caused STDs.  As the "liberal professor" who led the group out, I spent three years trying to figure out some way to humiliate the speakers at TVC events.  This proved beyond successful. First, LaBarbera was late.  So of the 100+ people/stealth protesters there, 25 or more stood and spoke about love, inclusion, being gay, being straight, church elders and atheists alike. and all had ONE message.  Hate was not going to be heard.  Then when La Barbera arrived he made a comment about having a different point of view and thanked us for sitting and waiting.  At that moment, I rose and left, followed by nearly everyone there.  The pictures say how effective this was and how empowered the students felt.  A truly great day for all. We went to another building, ate cookies, signed posters and hugged.  Meanwhile the TVC organizers shouted at students and faculty who were leaving.  But NO ONE ENGAGED, which is what made this so  successful.  The moment you engage you've lost. We were the Silent Majority.

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  10. Cannot wait for next week

    Cannot wait for next week talk, SLAVERY – It was not that bad!

    OR maybe RAPE – Only wrong if someone hears her screaming NO!

    This is a sad world were nuts like these can speak such hate and ignorance.

  11. I daresay that the college
    I daresay that the college wouldn’t invite someone to lecture on their hypothesis that the earth is flat, or that phrenology proves that blacks are inferior to whites. So why would it allow a spokesman on the junk science of ex-gay counseling to speak unchallenged?

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  13. In as much as no one from the

    In as much as no one from the "opposing view" was invited to speak, this college did what was just and right!

  14. A college, as an educational
    A college, as an educational institution, should expose students to all sides of an issue. I have no problem with the college inviting this man, as long as they invite someone to share the opposing view.


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