This Couple Made A Set Of Their Own, But Asked Mattel If They Knew They Had Customers If They Wanted Them

Gay Couple Calls For Barbie Same-Sex Wedding Set!


Mattel Responds To Their Wish!

I’m the first to admit I was such a flamboyant little fairy growing up during my childhood. I yearned to play with my cousin’s Barbie dolls rather than the mostly-female action figures I had. Then, oh man, the Spice Girls came about and Lord, all I ever wanted was a Ginger Spice Doll! I cried in the middle of KB Toys when my mother refused to purchase one for me. Still waiting on that gift, mom – Christmas is right around the corner! But, that brings me to Matt Jacobi and his fiancé who have reached out to Mattel, the Creator of Barbie, requesting Barbie gets revamped.

According to Arizona Family, Jacobi and his fiancé, Nick Caprio, were saddened to discover Barbie has wedding sets, but none for same-sex couples. Instead of being able to purchase Barbie’s forever love, the Ken Doll, as a same-sex wedding set for the couple’s upcoming flower girls, the two got creative and made their own. Check out Jacobi’s Instagram post with his creation below:



Cute as hell, right?! I would’ve died for one of these in my youth! They even included the two little flower girls. Seriously, it’s absolutely adorable. But, making their own same-sex Barbie, er-Ken, wedding set has started them on a mission. Jacobi shared his disappointment for Mattel’s lack of inclusion on his social media. It got Mattel’s attention and now the couple have a meeting with the toy company’s design team to possibly have same-sex wedding sets on the market. Check out Jacobi’s announcement below:




Awesome! Will Mattel make same-sex wedding sets now? We will have to wait and see.

I think we can guarantee that someone will design a same-sex wedding set and will be on store shelves soon. Kudos to the couple for making a dent in the toy industry.

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