This Family’s Surprise Pride Flight Goes Viral

The Powell family got a pleasant surprise when they accidentally booked tickets on the Pride Flight. / Screenshot via YouTube @Virgin Atlantic

One family-of-four got the ride of their lives.

When the Powell family booked a flight from London to Newark, they didn’t originally know they’d gotten tickets to Virgin Atlantic’s “Pride Flight.” But, they were happy they did.

The Pride Flight features an all LGBTQ crew, dozens of drag queens to perform and talk to passengers during the flight, and loads of glitter. For mom Kerry, husband Sean, and sons Calum and Cody, it was a flight to remember.

But thankfully, the story wasn’t left in just their memories, as Attitude Magazine was there to record and share a video of the flight’s craziness. Then, Virgin Atlantic shared its own video.

While the flight was filled with celebrities and performers like Titus Burgess, DJ Jodie Harsh, and Courtney Act, journalists, and more, there were several seats available to the public. As for the Powell family, they had booked their flight back in September of last year. They were then notified in October by Virgin Atlantic that the flight had been chosen as the “Pride Flight.”

“They asked if we wanted to change flight which meant traveling on a different day which we couldn’t do, so we went ahead as planned,” Kerry Powell told the DailyMail.

“It was brilliant, the kids enjoyed it, and the eight hours flew by,” she added. “The goodie bags were amazing and the celebrities chatted with us and took photos. Overall fantastic time!”

Joining the Powell family were 280 other passengers on flight VS69, which was named after the 1969 Stonewall Riots. After the flight was announced to be the Pride Flight, tickets were sold out within 24 hours.

Many of the passengers were traveling to New York City to participate in Sunday’s WorldPride parade in honor of the 50th anniversary since Stonewall. And if you had to pick a way to get there, the Pride Flight is certainly a good one.

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