This Former Rugby Player Just Made History in New Zeland

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Another day, another out athlete! This is the type of change we need, people.

Former New Zealand rugby player Campbell Johnstone came out today during an interview with Seven Sharp on TVNZ. This gives him the honor of becoming the first out rugby sportsman in his country.


Johnstone reportedly told the interviewer:

“If I can be the first All Black that comes out as gay and take away the pressure and stigma surrounding the issue it can actually help other people. Then the public will know that there is one in amongst the All Blacks, and it could be one of the final pieces in the puzzle sports-wise that gives everyone closure.”

Photo Credit: Ross Setford

All Blacks is an international rugby team hailing from New Zealand. Johnstone also played for Canterbury and the Crusaders. He retired from the sport in 2015. 


Sources state that Campbell came out of the closet years ago to his friends and family, but only felt confident coming out to the public recently. And judging by New Zealand’s official rugby account, his decision was met with a lot of praise.

It’s also important to note that the sportsman is 43-years-old, which means there’s no “right age” to live your most honest life.


Congratulations, Campbell. Can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the future!

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Sources: CNN, BBC

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