This Gay Interracial Kiss Is Making South Africa Uncomfortable, Again.

Wasn't Will & Grace's final episode a decade ago?  Brokeback Mountain copies are collecting massive amounts of dust on shelves across the world.  It is still shocking that a 5 second kiss between men can cause such a commotion.  Just this February, we did a story on the advertisement in question (Gay Health Ad Featuring Gay Kiss Banned In South Africa).  It was banned by several networks and the world moved on.  Now it seems that the advert has been showing on South African television and the conservatives are getting their panties in a twist yet again.  Is this one of the biggest "Throw Back Thursdays" yet?

The “Kiss” commercial was produced last summer and began airing on South African television in February, but apparently, the backlash against it has only made headlines recently. According to Channel 24 News, the clip, which is believed to be the country’s first to show a same-sex kiss, was generated an onslaught of complaints to South Africa’s Advertising Standards Authority (or ASA), with some calling it “offensive,” “disgusting” and “inappropriate,” among other criticisms.  –

No one is sure why the negativity is coming up at this time, three months after the safe sex ad was originally banned. Does it have anything to do with May 17th being the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia? Probably not, but this is what had to say about this new upheaval. 

The outrage stemmed from the fact that the clip included two men of different races kissing and ended with a condom being unwrapped.

One complainant stated: “I am all for safe sex education, but promoting safe sex between ‘men’ is taking it a step too far.” Others spoke of the inappropriateness of “promoting” and “condoning” relationships amongst men.

“These complaints highlight the level of stigmatisation and discrimination that gay and other non-gay identifying men who have sex with men (MSM) face,” said the campaign.

According to Nina Morris-Lee, Head of Marketing at Anova Health Institute, “Clause 9 of the Bill of Rights, which is enshrined in the Constitution – the supreme law of the land – states that ‘No person may unfairly discriminate, directly or indirectly, against anyone on one or more grounds…’ These grounds include sexual orientation.”

She continued” “The aim of the advertisement is not to shock, but to attract our market through creating scenarios to which they relate. With 4.9 million South Africans – 10% of the population – identifying as homosexual, this is a matter of public interest and urgency and we do not have the luxury of tip-toeing around the issues. –



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Why do you think there is an increase in complaints about this advert? Nothing has stated that it is being shown more, but that would be my guess.

I guess it would still be shocking here in the United States, even though we put up with all of the hetero Kay and Jared commercials. Non-Americans, what about your country?  How would your nation accept it?

What if it were a Will & Grace kiss that was rebroadcast.  Would it be better received since 'Merica and the world knows it's fiction?

What are your thoughts?  Should an American company show them how it is done? Forget the kid being confused by his two dads each telling the poor guy "I am your father." Let's have one say we are your fathers and plant a big kiss on each other.  That is how that commercial should have ended.

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