This Gay Musical Short-Film Has A Surprising Production Story

How the Moon Fell from the Sky and Nobody Even Noticed is a film to watch out for.

How the Moon Fell from the Sky and Nobody Even Noticed is a musical short film about high schoolers, by high schools, and for the rest of the world.

The story follows two friends, Benji (played by Petere Carroll) and Ruben (played by Nick Trivisonno), who decide to make a film together for fun. That decision then starts them down a journey towards a messy love dynamic and a new perspective on life.

What’s even more great about the film is that it was created entirely by high school students.

Director Chirsitina Xing created this film with the help of many of her schoolmates. That means, the script was written by a high schooler (Jack Fossett), the dances were choreographed by a high schooler, the production's crew was made up of high schoolers, and even music was orchestrated by high schoolers.

What was originally a dream project by high school students later gained funding on Indiegogo, and now has the chance to reach our screens.

The 40-minute film by Interlochen Arts Academy students from Interlochen, Michigan will be released online on June 29th. In the meantime, check out the first trailer for the movie down below.

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