This Gay Weatherman’s Naughty Snow Forecast Is Educational & Entertaining

I wish this guy was my weatherman!


Blaine Stewart is a weather reporter from Norfolk, Virginia who posted a funny weather report tweet today that you’ve got to see.

As the east coast is gearing up for an onslaught of snow, Stewart wanted to keep his fans and followers informed. On top of that, he also wanted to entertain them a little.

As LGBTQNation reports, while posting a picture of the expected incoming snow caused by “Snowpocalypse,” Stewart also decided to whip out a little joke about the amount of inches everybody would be getting.

You can probably imagine where this is going.


Unfortunately, it seems that Blaine Stewart later regretted that tweet as he has since deleted it.

Too bad.


But, while looking up Stewart we realize that he's a very funny guy. We might have to tune into his station more often.

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